Anti Aging And Skin Whitening Creams Versus Plastic Surgery

Skin Whitening and Anti Aging CreamsIt is every person’s wish to have a beautiful and attractive appearance and if you want to look better or younger, one of the ways you can enhance your beauty is by adopting various methods such as skin care creams and possibly plastic surgery to improve your appearance.

You can improve your complexion in various ways by having plastic surgery, but sometimes treating your skin with certain products can be almost as effective, making going under the knife unnecessary in many cases.

Modern anti aging creams can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly, and lightening chemicals can reduce dark circles under the eyes, age spots and other imperfections or signs of aging.

Medical complications

Plastic surgery is just like any other surgery thus it has numerous risks of medical complications, and many people who see what is actually done to their body while unconscious would never go through with it, as it can be very brutal and painful.

Some of the plastic surgery risks include excessive bleeding, numbness from possible nerve damage, death of body tissues, seroma or collection of fluid around the area being operated on and bruising.

Deep vein thrombosis and blood clots are other possible plastic surgery complications. All the complications that I have mentioned are potentially life threatening, and if it goes wrong, it may be impossible to ever look like a normal human being, ever again.

To avoid going through such a risky process, you can opt for skin whitening or anti aging creams since they do not pose any risk as long as you have used the right product and followed the appropriate procedure, and unless you are trying to change the structure of your face, they can do the job, and make most people look better.

Application of skin care creams at home is very simple thus anybody can handle it comfortably, and it costs no more than a cup of coffee a day to maintain a more even, lighter, more youthful skin tone.

You only have to follow simple basic instruction when applying the creams, but be sure to go for the highest quality products, such as those made by Tonique Skin Care, an American company with over a decade of experience.

Appearance or Results

Plastic surgery can leave you with thick red scars commonly referred to as hypertonic scars. These scars do not fade away; thus they are not easy to hide. You can also develop bruises on the face a short period after operation. You may also develop a sagging skin around the surgical area. It also happens that most individual do not get the results they were expecting since the whole operation was carried out by another individual.

Skin lightening creams, on the other hand, allows you to control how your appearance changes. You can determine how white your skin become by managing the how you apply the creams. Since treating your skin with creams does not tamper with your facial arrangement there is no chance of being disfigured. If it happens that you do not like your new look, it is easy to restore your initial look. You will only have to stop applying the creams, and your skin will develop new cells thus it returns to the initial condition.


Most plastic surgeries are very expensive thus not affordable by an average income earner. The costs of plastic surgery include hospital fee, surgical fee and anesthetic fee along other minor expenses and usually add up to tens of thousands of dollars. After surgery, expenses are also very high and you can’t work for at least a week, depending on the operation, thus making the whole process to be very expensive.

When it comes to skin lightening or anti aging creams, you will find that prices are very fair, only a few dollars a day at most. In fact, due to the rise in competition most companies have taken all the necessary actions that will help them offer their products at a fair price to stay competitive.

Fair prices have made it possible even for average income earner to afford skin lightening creams. However, you should be careful with very cheap skin care products since they might not meet the standards required for them to work efficiently.

Here I recommend Tonique Skin Care products, (there’s a link to the site in the sidebar), since they are offered at a fair price and have been confirmed to be very effective. They are also made in the USA, and fully FDA approved, safe and side effect free.

On Tonique skin care official website you will find a wide range of skin care creams to choose from. Tonique offers a package deal at a discount that helps you to save a lot.

Plastic surgery requires that you spend some time without getting involved in your daily activities so that you can heal and recover from the surgical procedure. This wastes time and opportunities, and it is also frustrating. However, this is not the case with skin lightening creams. The process of treating your skin with skin lightening creams does not interfere with your daily program at all.

You can continue with you daily activities comfortably, and you will still achieve great results. All you need is to observe minor precaution such as avoiding too much dirt and prolonged exposure to UV rays since they might affect the results you will get.