Hydroquinone Side Effects

Side Effects Of HydroquinoneRecent studies have been released that show the terrible side effects of hydroquinone cream on patients. Trusting patients who have been prescribed these medications by doctors who should know better.

It is very risky to use a cream containing this substance at all, and particularly for long periods of time. It is most often prescribed as a treatment for hypo-pigmentation, which is a skin condition caused by a lack of pigmentation in patches of skin.

The hydroquinone containing cream is also prescribed to those with hyper-pigmentation, which is the opposite condition, where the skin forms patches that have increased pigmentation.

What the studies showed is that those patients who used the cream for longer than a few weeks at a time developed nasty side effects including rashes that showed as blue-black or brown bruises, sensitivity to sunlight, thickening of the skin, thinning of the skin, nausea, and even hallucinations.

It is simply because the drug is available only on prescription that doctors usually choose to write a prescription for this cream, rather than suggesting they try a range of safe and effective over the counter skin lightening products.

The dangers of hydroquinone have been known for many years now, and it has been taken off the market, or the list of approved medications in most European countries, but it is still available on the advice of a doctor in the US.

The FDA has done hydroquinone studies for years now, and you can take a look at that link to see what their results have been, it’s basically a case of the benefits being too few, compared to the risks of serious side effects.

The Studies Have Been Done On Hydroquinone

Doctors need to wake up to the fact that they should be more aware of the alternatives to prescription medicines, as those medicines that require a prescription are that way for a reason, because they are not safe for the general public to be taking without supervision.

Even with supervision, the dangers of this cream are too great a risk to take with the lives of patients, and the safer alternatives must be explored as treatment for pigmentation skin disorders and general cosmetic skin bleaching.

Take a look at the links in this article and the other pages on this site for more information on how to get the same results that you would get from a cream containing hydroquinone, from a non-prescription medication, that is both safe and without harmful side effects, and an effective skin bleaching cream.


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