Skin Bleaching Before And After

Skin Bleaching Before And After You may have been looking for something else when searching for before and after photos of skin bleaching, but this page shows what Hollywood celebrities looked like before and after their skin whitening treatments.

The first one here is Nicki Minaj, a very well known singer, who has undergone an amazing transformation from black to white, she has had such extensive work done, you can barely tell she was African American to start with, not that that is the goal.

There is a certain feeling in the Hollywood community that lighter skinned African Americans do appeal more to the mostly white audience in the west, and studies seem to support this.

This could perhaps be why more than just a handful of black stars are using skin whitening cream, and changing dramatically while in the public eye.

Beyonce Skin Bleaching

This is a pretty dramatic before and after shot of the skin bleaching treatment done on Beyonce.

If you look at a photo of Beyonce next to a white lady with blond hair, you can barely tell the difference.

She has definitely had work done, and appears to be getting whiter as the years go on.

Is there a danger of her becoming too white? Not really, it’s a matter of balancing the amount of chemical applied to the skin over time so that it has a chance to heal itself, or grow back pigmentation in the affected area.

Rihanna skin bleaching

Rihanna has definitely had some skin bleaching done, as this photo clearly illustrates.

It’s not hard to understand why some Hollywood stars think it may improve their career to whiten their skin, as skin bleaching in Hollywood is pretty much a standard thing these days.

It is important that if you are thinking of trying this yourself at home that you seek out a safe skin bleaching treatment that works effectively without leaving you with any harmful side effects.

If you want more information on skin lightening, visit any of the links on this page, or look around the site. You’re bound to find some helpful information.


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