Best Skin Whitening Chemicals

Skin Whitening ChemicalsMany people are looking for skin whitening products to bleach or lighten their skin for one reason or another, and the most important thing if you are going to use a product like this is to find one that uses safe and effective chemicals as the active ingredients.

The Wikipedia page on skin whitening has a lot of great reliable information, and that is where I got most of the information for this post, this is the most important stuff.

The page talks about how different chemicals such as Tretinoin, (also known as all-trans retinoic acid), arbutin, azelaic acid, niacinamide, and alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic acide can be used safely to whiten the skin.

It also mentions other chemicals such as hydroquinone and mercury, which have been shown to have dangerous and even deadly side effects when used over a long period of time, and mild natural chemicals like vitamin C and cinnamomum subavenium, (a Chinese herb), and licorice extract.

These homemade ingredients are not as effective as the stronger industrial strength chemicals, but they also have no chance of any side effects.

The Best Skin Whitening Products

The product promoted by this site, and in the site that the photo at the top of the sidebar leads to use arbutin and glycolic acid to gradually and safely whiten the skin.

There are chemical peels, gels, exfoliating creams, or you can buy a package which contains everything you need to whiten your skin for about a month, depending on how quickly you want to change your skin tone, and how white you want to be long term.

You have to maintain the results over time by applying these products at different time intervals, the more often you use the products, the lighter your skin will be, compared to your natural skin color.

It is possible to achieve a complete transformation of your skin, going from black or dark brown skin to almost completely white, the color of paper, or snow.

A lot of people will be aiming for this result, as they may have dark patches on their skin due to a condition like hyperpigmentation, or the opposite condition, hypo-pigmentation, which leave white patches of skin without pigment.

In cases like this, the only way to truly cover up the patches completely is to bleach the entire body to a bone white color, and this will make it all look even.

It can be a huge change to go from a black person to a completely white person, you may have seen it happen before on Michael Jackson.

There are also famous celebrities who whiten their skin, but who didn’t go all the way, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and possibly Nicki Minaj.

These celebrities never spoke publicly about their treatments for obvious reasons, but it’s safe to assume that the changes that can be seen in before and after photos are not due to makeup.

Anyway, Tonique uses the best skin whitening chemicals in their products, because they are safe, effective, and have been used successfully by their customers for many years without any complaints or major problems.

You can visit the site by clicking on the photo in the sidebar, or you can click on the email link to open a message to the support staff to ask for information, or use the contact page for more details on how to find out more.

You will find that their is no better skin whitening company, and that you can get the results you’re looking for for a reasonable price, doing the treatment yourself at home, following the directions of the helpful support team.