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Skin Care Basics For Men

exfoliatingDo you often find yourself doing a double take in your mirror in the morning?  Being occupied the whole day does not give enough time to take care of your skin, a factor that accelerates the development of aging signs.

Do you feel that you look older than you are really are? If yes, then you should note that you are not alone. There are so many guys out there who have been stressed by their appearance and have engaged themselves in the search for effective ways of restoring their youthful look.

Perhaps you never thought that skin care is for women only and you have now been proven wrong by time. There are many people who rush into engaging in the use of all the available methods for reversing the development of aging signs without considering important factors such as safety. If you were just about to make such a mistake you should take a deep breath and think about the safety of the available anti aging methods.

There are some who are looking for instant treatment and go for expensive and invasive processes such as botox and cosmetic surgery. However, have you ever thought what the damage would be if these methods failed? Cosmetic surgery for instance is no different from any other surgery thus it is associated with numerous medical risks such as over bleeding, scarring, high costs, and most of all you are not in control. Also botox could be a long term health risk according to the Daily Mail.

You do not have to undergo all these troubles when there are safer and more affordable ways for enhancing your looks, and turning back the clock substantially on your skin.

Try out quality anti aging skin care creams such as this Tightening & Color Correcting Under Eye Complex for the eyes, and this Tightening & Toning Retinol Exfoliating Resurfacer from Skin Renew and you will be amazed by the results you will get.

Who Makes These Anti Aging Creams?

Skin Renew is a brand released by the beauty company Tonique Skin Care, based in Maryland, USA which has been in business for over a decade, selling to customers around the world. For the time this company has been in business it has earned a great reputation by offering safe and efficient skin care products.

All of the products are FDA approved thus are safe for human use. It is advisable that you should only use beauty products that are FDA approved since they meet the required efficiency and safety standards. Products such as those from Africa or black market products may contain harmful ingredients which can harm your skin instead of giving you the results you expected.

Skin Renew values your safety thus they only deal with products that contain approved over the counter ingredients and natural botanical extracts such as green tea, aloe, avocado oil, tea tree oil and cucumber among other natural ingredients.

You can easily apply these creams in the comfort of your home or when on vacation and still get the results you expected. Anti aging creams are also offered at a fair price thus they are easily affordable by anyone who wants to fight aging signs.

However, you should be careful when buying your products to avoid being misled by black market products that are normally offered at a throw away price. It is good to remember that sometimes cheap is expensive thus you should maintain sourcing your products from a legitimate vendor, so you really get the high quality ingredients you’re paying for.

You should also note that anti aging creams work slowly to give you a youthful look. You may sometime have to combine several different types of these anti aging creams for maximum benefits depending on your skin type. For information on how to choose the right products for your skin, contact Skin Renew’s support team by sending an email to Also remember to attach a recent photo so that the experts can give you the best advice on how to look good fast, given your current skin condition.


How To Find The Right Anti Aging Cream

Getting old comes as no surprise, but it happens all too quickly, and you start noticing wrinkles on your forehead and around the eyes. However, after noticing the aging signs, you might start looking for ways to stop the development of wrinkles in a hurry without caring about doing it the right way.

skin-care-creamHowever, when it comes to any issue relating to health, safety should be a priority, and you need to research what chemicals you use on your skin carefully before proceeding.

There are several ways in which you can reverse the aging process, or it’s appearance, so that you can continue looking young and attractive. Most of the anti-aging products out there have become very popular due to heavy advertisements as every company tries to push its products in the market, but not all of them work wonders, only some do.

The beauty industry is a billion-dollar industry thus there a wide range of anti-aging products on the market which makes it difficult to choose the right product. However, if had trouble in choosing the right anti-aging wrinkle cream here are few tips that will solve your mystery.

How Do Anti Aging Creams Work?

skin-renew-logoThe first thing you need to consider is how the product works. You need to go for a product that is easy to use, with the right chemicals, and which does not interfere with your life with too much skin peeling and redness.

A great example is the anti-aging creams sold by Skin Renew. The anti-aging products on are easy to apply and are FDA approved, so do not pose any sort of health threat. They work using the latest technology chemicals such as Retinol, in combination with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all sorts of botanical extracts which have been found to turn back the clock, almost overnight.

Can You Trust The Company?

before-and-after-anti-agingTonique skin care, is an American company that has been in the beauty industry for almost two decades, and the Skin Renew collection is a division of Tonique. Tonique Skin Care has satisfied thousands of customers from around the world over that time, many of whom are repeat customers, hence the reason they have managed to remain in business for so long.

Tonique’s skin whitening products are also found on Skin Renew’s online shop, which is a side company of Tonique. Skin lightening can be part of the process of reversing the aging process as well.

To buy your anti-aging creams, you just have to visit and click on the shop collection tab to view all the products offered by Skin Renew. You can buy from every corner of the world and it will be shipped to your door within a couple of weeks.

Get Personalized Help Choosing Your Treatment Plan

before-and-afterHowever, you might want to seek advice on which creams to use, and how to use them to get the best possible results, for your individual skin, by sending an email to

You might consider sending the support team a current photo as an attachment so that they can give you the best advice on how to improve your appearance, and the results can be amazing, with some customers appearing to have lost decades!

How To Maintain Youthful Looking Skin

Youthful skinAs you continue to become older, aging signs usually starts to show, but there are many things you can do about it, as I will explain here.

Facial wrinkles are some of the first aging signs that usually show up. If you do not take care of your face, wrinkles tend to develop much faster.

Here you are going to learn some basic tips that can help you to take care of your skin to slow down the development of wrinkles on the face.

Keep your face clean

Washing your face regularly to remove dirt and other toxins that could damage the skin cells is vital in ensuring that you maintain healthy skin. However, avoid applying too much pressure when washing your skin since the facial skin is usually delicate and too much pressure could end up damaging the cells.

Too much pressure can also make your skin stretch resulting in a wrinkled and sagging skin. It is recommended that you handle your facial skin like a soft fabric to ensure no damage will occur to your small blood vessels and skin cells.


Just like any other body organ, your skin also needs some exercises so that it can remain strong and healthy. You can spare about 15 minutes of stretching your skin so that you can enhance the strength of facial muscles that are usually responsible for preventing the skin from over stretching. Exercises help to tighten the facial muscles, thus making it resistant to gravitational pull and other environmental factors which makes facial skin to sag.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight has UV rays which can destroy skin cells and cause aging and fine lines if you expose them for too long to direct sunlight. Try and wear a hat and sunglasses if you intend to spend quality time in the sun. It is also advisable you wear sunscreen cream and long sleeved clothing to prevent your body skin from getting damaged also.

Keep your skin hydrated

Hydrating skinKeeping your skin hydrated is vital to ensure that you maintain a fresh and young looking complexion.

There are several ways of maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin. You need to keep the entire body hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water throughout the day.

It is usually recommended that you take about 8 to 10 glasses a day depending on the condition of your body. You can also have a body steaming at a sauna or spa. Body steaming causes the pores to open and let the sweat pass through which keeps the body hydrated.

The other effective way of keeping a hydrated skin is by using the right moisturizers such as those sold by  Their Moisturizing Even Skin Toner is one of the great products made by Skin Renew that can help you to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

This product also plays a great role in controlling and stopping breakout for oily skins. Moisturizing Even Skin Toner is also very effective in nourishing and hydrating the skin to promote the increased production of collagen, which plays a role in tightening.

Eat healthy foods

Eating a healthy diet is also a great way of maintaining a young looking and attractive skin. Ensure that your meals contain healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables but try and avoid processed foods, sugars, and fats. Try and reduce coffee, tea and soda intake, and instead try and drink plain water when you feel thirsty.

Processed foods usually accelerate aging by damaging cells, inducing inflammation and triggering free radicals. Also, avoid other poor habits such as smoking and alcoholism since they also contribute in accelerating the aging process.

Use of anti aging creams

Anti-aging creams are skin care creams designed specifically to slow the aging process. The different products in the Skin Renew collection can be very effective in turning back the clock by tightening, toning, exfoliating, and color correcting, and if you use the right products as recommended, the results will blow you away.

To browse products offered by Skin Renew click the shop skin care collection tab in the menu and you will be directed to a page that has all the right creams containing the highest quality ingredients, FDA approved and made in the USA.

If you get stuck in choosing the right product(s) for your unique skin you can contact the support team by sending an email to and you will get personalized advice from skin care experts. The Skin Renews support team is composed of professionals who can give you great advice on how to choose the right anti aging products for your skin.

How To Deal With Acne And Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Acne ScarsHave you ever suffered from acne at some point in your life? If not count yourself lucky.

There are many individuals who get acne but do not know what to do about it at all, due to lack of knowledge, and about possible treatments before, after, and during serious breakouts.

For that reason, I have found it necessary to discuss it here. Here we are going to discuss what acne is, causes, symptoms and how to treat it, as well as how to get rid of the appearance of acne scars.

The term acne was originally spelled as acme meaning the highest point. Acne also known as Acne Vulgaris is a skin infection that affects oil glands found at the base of hair follicles. Acne is not life threatening but leaves ugly scars on the skin.

Causes of acne

It has not yet been fully confirmed how acne occurs, but scientist believes that the rise of androgen hormone levels can cause acne. Androgen levels normally rise during adolescent thus Acne is common during puberty. High androgen levels make the oil gland at the base of hair follicles to expand resulting in the development of pimples or clumps on your skin. The excess oil/sebum can break down cellular walls causing the bacteria to grow.

Types of acne pimples

Whiteheads- these are small pimples that remain under the skin
Blackheads- these are black pimples that are clearly visible since they appear on the skin surface. The black color of these pimples is not caused by dirt thus scrub them cannot help.
Papules- these are small pink bumps that develop on the skin surface
Nobules- these are large solid pimples that appear on the surface of the skin. These pimples are embedded deep in the skin and are very painful
Cysts- these pimples are also clearly visible on the skin surface and are also very painful. Cysts are filled with pus and can easily cause scars.
Before we address on how to manage acne infection let me lie down a few facts about acne that you should know.
• Acne is not life threatening but leaves scars that are very discomforting
• Acne can affect anybody, it does not discriminate age or race
• This infection is common to individuals at puberty
• About 75% of individuals between 11 and 30 years can get acne at any one time in their life
• It is suspected that acne can also be genetic
• Treatment of acne depends on its persistence and severity
• Acne can also be affected by stress, anxiety, menstrual cycle and climatic changes

How to deal with acne

A majority of people develop mild acne although there are those who get a severe infection. In case you notice any symptoms related to large boils which are not going away, it is advisable that you visit a doctor before the condition worsens. The doctor will give you some prescription that will help to treat the infection, and you may even need a hospital visit.

However, even after the pimples are gone there is another problem of the scars left behind. These scars may have covered a large of your face and other parts of the body thus giving you a serious problem that can affect your entire life. The scars make you have an uneven skin tone that can be very frustrating.

The best thing is that the scars should not worry you at all since there is a solution to that problem. You can take advantage of skin whitening creams and treat your skin to get rid of the scars by bleaching them a lighter color, along with the rest of your skin, which hides their appearance, and other chemicals in the creams help to kill bacteria and prevent outbreaks.

All you need to ensure is that you have gone for the right skin care creams that contain the safe and active ingredients for efficient skin treatment. Here I am going to recommend Tonique Skin Care products since they have been confirmed to be very effective and offer great results.

They are an American company with over a decade of experience in the skin care industry, dealing with basic skin care, anti aging and skin lightening, which covers most conditions, and they have a specific treatment plan for acne, and acne scars.

For more information about skin care products visit their official website which is You can also send them an email at to get personalized advice on the right way to stop acne in it’s tracks, and cover up any sign it was ever there.