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Best Skin Whitening Treatment

Bleach Your Skin WhiteChemical treatments and home remedies are two different methods of skin whitening treatments that you can use yourself at home. However, the effects of home remedies take a prolonged period for it to show up, and some of the chemical treatments can have side effects, so you need to know exactly what chemicals to use.

Vegetables and fruits such as lemon juice are the most common ingredients used in home remedies and its effects take a long time to work, if they ever work at all, unlike chemical treatments that are more effective at bleaching the skin white, or gradually lighter in stages.

Chemical Skin Whitening Treatment

Tonique Skin Care is a chemical skin whitening product that is efficient and also safe to use and has been around the in the online market for almost a decade. Their products have satisfied millions of customers globally and have been in use for many years, so it has been proven to be safe and side effect free, while also being very effective.

Their products only uses the safest ingredients like Sepiwhite FSH, arbutin, glycolic acid and many more thus have no side effects on to your skin.

 The results are astounding, and the whitening effect of the chemical ingredients in the Tonique skin care products can be visibly seen in just a short period.

You can count that the company is reliable, and it is based in Maryland, USA. Also, it is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration therefore when buying the products you do not need any prescription. These products are sold online and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Each person’s skin varies, and chemical treatment reaction to the skin differs consequently. To get customized treatment or advices for your skin condition contact the support team of the company at

For certain conditions like birth marks, hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, acne, scars and freckles. It is highly recommended that you send your present photo to the support team of their company to get real results, product usage direction and expert advice


One good feature of the company’s website is that you can chat with them online for doubts and questions or clarifications.

 There are so many Hollywood celebrities who are avid users of the chemical skin whitening treatment product since they give them self-confidence and even look more attractive on stage.

The Highest Quality Skin Whitening Treatment

Package DealSo wrap things up, this article is made to inform you about the safest no side effect skin whitening treatment available on the market today.

It is better to use a chemical skin lightening treatment in comparison with home remedies because it has faster results than home remedies which are mild and take too long for the results to be visible.

Reliability is the word to describe Tonique’s products because it is proven to be safe and effective. The chemical products used are FDA approved and are only using natural ingredients. The company has been successful and has been in the business for many years with a proven track record. To get useful tips and information, like them on their company’s Facebook page.

It is also very important you ensure that you have bought your products from the official site to avoid falling into the trap of black market products and knock offs. Most black market products are usually sub-standard thus do not meet the required safety standard hence very dangerous.

The other products to avoid are those that contain hydroquinone and mercury as their major bleaching agents. These ingredients pose a very imminent health risk such as certain type of skin cancer, as well as ochronosis, a thickening and bruising of the skin. If you buy from a trusted brand like Tonique, there’s no problem.

Anti Aging And Skin Whitening Creams Versus Plastic Surgery

Skin Whitening and Anti Aging CreamsIt is every person’s wish to have a beautiful and attractive appearance and if you want to look better or younger, one of the ways you can enhance your beauty is by adopting various methods such as skin care creams and possibly plastic surgery to improve your appearance.

You can improve your complexion in various ways by having plastic surgery, but sometimes treating your skin with certain products can be almost as effective, making going under the knife unnecessary in many cases.

Modern anti aging creams can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly, and lightening chemicals can reduce dark circles under the eyes, age spots and other imperfections or signs of aging.

Medical complications

Plastic surgery is just like any other surgery thus it has numerous risks of medical complications, and many people who see what is actually done to their body while unconscious would never go through with it, as it can be very brutal and painful.

Some of the plastic surgery risks include excessive bleeding, numbness from possible nerve damage, death of body tissues, seroma or collection of fluid around the area being operated on and bruising.

Deep vein thrombosis and blood clots are other possible plastic surgery complications. All the complications that I have mentioned are potentially life threatening, and if it goes wrong, it may be impossible to ever look like a normal human being, ever again.

To avoid going through such a risky process, you can opt for skin whitening or anti aging creams since they do not pose any risk as long as you have used the right product and followed the appropriate procedure, and unless you are trying to change the structure of your face, they can do the job, and make most people look better.

Application of skin care creams at home is very simple thus anybody can handle it comfortably, and it costs no more than a cup of coffee a day to maintain a more even, lighter, more youthful skin tone.

You only have to follow simple basic instruction when applying the creams, but be sure to go for the highest quality products, such as those made by Tonique Skin Care, an American company with over a decade of experience.

Appearance or Results

Plastic surgery can leave you with thick red scars commonly referred to as hypertonic scars. These scars do not fade away; thus they are not easy to hide. You can also develop bruises on the face a short period after operation. You may also develop a sagging skin around the surgical area. It also happens that most individual do not get the results they were expecting since the whole operation was carried out by another individual.

Skin lightening creams, on the other hand, allows you to control how your appearance changes. You can determine how white your skin become by managing the how you apply the creams. Since treating your skin with creams does not tamper with your facial arrangement there is no chance of being disfigured. If it happens that you do not like your new look, it is easy to restore your initial look. You will only have to stop applying the creams, and your skin will develop new cells thus it returns to the initial condition.


Most plastic surgeries are very expensive thus not affordable by an average income earner. The costs of plastic surgery include hospital fee, surgical fee and anesthetic fee along other minor expenses and usually add up to tens of thousands of dollars. After surgery, expenses are also very high and you can’t work for at least a week, depending on the operation, thus making the whole process to be very expensive.

When it comes to skin lightening or anti aging creams, you will find that prices are very fair, only a few dollars a day at most. In fact, due to the rise in competition most companies have taken all the necessary actions that will help them offer their products at a fair price to stay competitive.

Fair prices have made it possible even for average income earner to afford skin lightening creams. However, you should be careful with very cheap skin care products since they might not meet the standards required for them to work efficiently.

Here I recommend Tonique Skin Care products, (there’s a link to the site in the sidebar), since they are offered at a fair price and have been confirmed to be very effective. They are also made in the USA, and fully FDA approved, safe and side effect free.

On Tonique skin care official website you will find a wide range of skin care creams to choose from. Tonique offers a package deal at a discount that helps you to save a lot.

Plastic surgery requires that you spend some time without getting involved in your daily activities so that you can heal and recover from the surgical procedure. This wastes time and opportunities, and it is also frustrating. However, this is not the case with skin lightening creams. The process of treating your skin with skin lightening creams does not interfere with your daily program at all.

You can continue with you daily activities comfortably, and you will still achieve great results. All you need is to observe minor precaution such as avoiding too much dirt and prolonged exposure to UV rays since they might affect the results you will get.

The History Of Skin Whitening And Skin Bleaching

Japanese WhiteningIf you think that skin whitening is a new thing in today’s society, then you would be wrong. You will be surprised to hear that skin lightening can be dated back to prehistoric times.

It is believed ancient people were extremely affected by harsh weather thus they did everything possible to ensure that they continued to survive.

Lack of accommodation made them develop a strong and tough skin to fight the harsh weather conditions. Despite all these condition, the ancient people were about the need for taking care of their skin.

In prehistoric times, the need for skin care was to relief pain caused by the harsh weather. However, today skin whitening is usually meant to improve one’s look. The following are some following are some of the reasons that can make you go for skin whitening.

If you are a dark-skinned person, then you might want to lighten your skin if you hate your dark skin. Most individuals especially black Americans lighten their skin so that they can get looks almost similar to their fellow white Americans.

Cultural Perceptions

Two FaceThere is a public notion that light skin makes you more attractive and smart than dark skinned individuals. This one of the major reason as to why celebrities whiten their skin since it allows them to retain their popularity.

It does not mean that black people cannot become celebs, but statistics shows that the number of light skin celebs is higher than dark skinned celebs, and that lighter skinned black people seem to make better numbers.

You can also lighten your skin to treat unpleasant skin conditions such hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. White people also use skin lightening creams to get rid of black spots on their skin. It can be frustrating to have black spots all over your body thus you can decide to work for a fair skin tone by applying the skin lightening creams on the dark spots or the entire body.

Having an even skin tone makes you have a piece of mind thus enabling you to perform excellently in your daily activities. People with light skin have a strong self-esteem and confidence since they already know that the society recognizes and appreciates them.

The facts that no one is resistant to aging, individuals are always looking for ways to retaining their youthful look. One of the ways that you can maintain an attractive and youthful look is by using skin care creams that contain anti-aging components.

Where To Find Quality Products

Some of the products that can help attain your goal are those sold by Tonique Skin Care, an American company that has been selling quality products online for over a decade. See the sidebar for the link. Tonique Skin Care products contain hydroxyl acids, bearberry extract, and vitamin C ingredients that are very efficient anti-aging components.

Tonique is a highly reputable company that has been dealing in skin care products for more than 20 years. They have a broad range of skin care products to fit a wide customer range. You can contact them via to get more information about their products. You can also chat with their representative via chat box available on their official website


Skin whitening creams are cheap and easy to apply thus making the whole skin process to be enjoyable. You are only required to follow the instructions that come with the creams and wait for wonders to happen.

Although skin whitening is a simple process, you need to ensure that you have chosen the right products and followed the instructions properly for you to achieve the desired results. Different skins reacts differently to skin lightening creams; thus you should ensure that you have chosen the right creams for your skin. You should never undergo skin lightening surgery, or trust claims about taking pills orally, or intravenously, and you should watch out for creams containing mercury and hydroquinone.

If you have a problem in determining the right creams for your skin you can seek assistance from your supplier. Companies like Tonique recommends that you to send them your recent photo so that they can be able to recommend the best creams for your skin. You can also provide other necessary details such as the way your skin react to different lotions and creams for better evaluation and decision making.

The Dangers Of Hydroquinone In Skin Whitening Creams

HydroquinoneWhen it comes to any action affecting your health, safety should be a major concern. This is also the case with skin whitening. One of the factors that determine whether your skin treatment will be successful is the skin whitening product you use, and the chemicals it uses as it’s active ingredients.
If the creams you are using to treat your skin contain harmful ingredients then don’t be surprised when side effects start showing up. Some of the harmful ingredients found in many bleaching products are mercury and hydroquinone.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the major side effects of hydroquinone or the dangers of treating your skin with products containing hydroquinone.
Hydroquinone was highly used in many skin bleaching creams until it started raising health issues especially for individuals who used it on a long term basis. After it started raising health related issues, some companies stopped using it in their products. However, there are still some companies out there that use hydroquinone in their skin care products, including even some creams that are available on prescription, in the USA!
Side effects of hydroquinone
Dangers of HydroquinoneFirst we need to understand how hydroquinone works to produce a bleaching effect on the skin. It reduces skin pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme that facilitates production melanin, compound responsible skin pigmentation. Melanin plays a vital role in protecting the skin from the UV radiation. Once the UV rays hit your skin, melanin diffuses them converting them into harmless heat.
This means that if melanin is not produced at all, your skin is prone to get damaged by the UV rays of direct sunlight. Hydroquinone is an ingredient in bleaching products thus it has to be combined with other chemicals to make the product.

Some of the chemicals that are normally used together with hydroquinone are hydroperoxide, benzol peroxide among other chemicals found in bleaching agents that can harm your skin. The combination of the chemicals is believed to result in the staining of the skin.
It is believed that hydroquinone can cause pigmentation of the eye and even permanent corneal damage. I believe no one would like to interfere with his/her ability to see at any one time.
One of the reasons for treating your skin can be to get rid of uneven skin tones such as white patches or black spots. But you may be surprised to hear that instead of hydroquinone help you to treat your skin it can cause ochronosis a condition characterized by the development of dark bluish patches on the skin.
This potentially deadly ingredient also causes irritation and contact dermatitis conditions that will ruin your quality of life, thus leaving you a miserable person.
The other dark side of products containing hydroquinone is that they have awful smells and also cause the body to develop intense heat thus you end up sweating uncontrollably. There are individuals who try to mask the odor with perfume and cologne but the poison still goes into the bloodstream and can cause other problems like nausea, and even cancer, as tests in rats have shown.

Prolonged use of products containing hydroquinone causes the outer layer of the skin to become extremely thin. Having a thin skin can be very dangerous especially during and after surgical procedures since the skin takes a longer period to heal from cuts and stitches.

Hydroquinone ages the skin making someone look older, and unhealthy as well. Skin lightening creams are supposed to make you look young and attractive not making you look older than your age.
The above are just a few side effects you can get from using the wrong skin lightening creams. To avoid risking your health, it is advisable that you go for safe skin lightening creams, and the results you will get will always give a reason to smile.
This site offers great products for individuals who want transform their look. For more information on the best skin lightening products for your skin, contact or visit the site, and learn more about the best, safe method of lightening your skin at home. You will get the best advice on how to go about lightening your skin if you include a photo of yourself, so the expert support staff can give you the best personalized advice.

Useful Skin Whitening Tips

Skin Whitening TipsA simple biology reminds us that the skin is the largest organ our body, and since it is located outside the body it is subjected to a lot of tear and wear. The location of the skin makes it subject to harsh environmental factors such as toxins and UV rays.

For this reason and through normal wear and tear, as well as things a person is born with, it starts to develop some unfavorable conditions such as scars, dark patches, stretch marks among other related conditions.

The above are just some of the reasons that are making women (and men), from all over the world search for skin whitening tips. The search for the skin lightening tips has been noted in both the East and the West.

The women in the East are looking for tips for having a fairer skin while on the other hand the women in the West are looking for ways of getting rid of dark spots, freckles and blemishes from their skin.

However, the western women have skin that is more sensitive to the UV rays than the Eastern women, unless of course they are of another race and living in the West.

The solution to having a nice skin is not to remain indoors for the rest of your life. You need to have freedom of enjoying a stress-free life thus the following tips might be of great help.

What To Do When You Decide To Lighten Your Skin

The best option is by using skin care products that are readily available in the market. There are many cosmetics stores available online where you can by the skin care products. In fact, the cosmetics industry has more products than what is needed, and some are a lot more effective than others.

 Some are a lot safer than others as well.

With all the varieties available in the market, it is tricky to know which product or brand is the best. You cannot rely on the advisement of everyone on the net, since every company tried to convince buyers by using sweetened words that are sometimes misleading.

You might consider using homemade natural products for your skin treatment. Some of the popular homemade skin whitening remedies include lemon juice, turmeric, almonds and honey among other products.

Unfortunately, most homemade natural remedies have mild effects and only treat simple skin conditions. Besides, home skin remedies require much effort and also consume a lot of time before you start noticing the effects.

If you want quick and efficient skin treatment, you should consider going for chemical products. Skin care creams do not only yield results quickly but are also easy to apply.

What To Look For

You need to take caution when buying skin products since most of the products on the market do not meet the required standards. Products containing ingredients such as mercury and hydroquinone should be avoided by all means since they can put your health at risk.

The only products that you can trust are those that are FDA approved. Some of the FDA-approved products are those made by American company Tonique Skin Care. Being based in Maryland USA, Tonique is subjected to FDA rules thus they products that they sell are safe for human use.

Tonique sells a wide variety of products suitable to treat various skin conditions. You can visit their official website or send them an email via for more information about their products.

Different skins react differently to skin lightening creams, hence you need to make sure that you have used the right product. You can contact a sale representative to get a recommendation for the best cream for your skin and how to use it, for your own individual needs.

How To Choose The Right Skin Whitening Products

Whitening ProductsSkin whitening is one of the most discussed topics in Hollywood these days. People are becoming more and more interested in restoring their skin to a youthful appearance, and making it lighter and brighter at the same time.

Many are trying hard to get rid of, or cover up blemishes caused by aging, freckles, birthmarks, scars, or skin conditions like hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation.

Michael Jackson had the latter, sometimes known as vitiligo, and used a strong bleaching cream to turn his entire body white.

The main problem is that there are so many skin whitening brands available on the market online from around the world, making it very difficult to determine the best product.

A good skin whitening product should have no side effects and should produce the expected results quickly, but not too quickly, as the results need to be maintained.

Features of a high-quality skin whitening product

Safe ingredients: You should always look for products made with natural and FDA certified ingredients. Products like the ones sold by Tonique are highly recommended since they are safe to use, and have been sold using the same formula for over a decade, with thousands of satisfied customers. These products do not have harmful side effects, and they work effectively and efficiently.

Good Reviews: The reviews of the products by those who have used them before shows how effective it is. Always check for testimonials online from individuals who are already using the product. Products such as the ones sold by Tonique usually have positive reviews because their users are always happy about them.

Manufacturers Guarantee: The manufacturers that are confident with their products are always willing to offer a guarantee thus assuring you that the product they are offering is of high quality.

Customer support: Most sellers of quality skin lightening products normally offer customer support via email or they have a chat box available on their site to make sure consumers are getting the right products and using them in the right way. Customer support is very important since it provides you with more information about the products that makes all the difference in the final result.

Getting The Mix Right

Harsh chemicals: You should always avoid using skin whitening lotions and creams that may be harsh on your skin. Bleaching products that might dry your skin or result in damage to your skin are to be avoided at all costs. These products can damage your skin instead of making it attractive.

It is therefore, recommended that you use products that are composed of right ingredients which are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite FSH, kojic acid, and maybe ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

Hydroquinone: This does not only damage your skin but can also put your health at risk. Hydroquinone has been banned in the UK and France since it is not safe, and has side effects when used for a long period of time such as ochronosis, bruising and thickening of the skin, and even cancer.

You should also beware of skin lightening creams that contain mercury and steroids since they are also very dangerous to your health in the long run.

 If you buy from an American made company, you should never run into such bad mistakes in cream formulation.

Black market products: These are the worst type of products that you should avoid like the plague. They normally resemble the legit products, even look exactly the same, but they are made in other countries without the required quality control and regulation. It is therefore recommended that you buy the products directly from the official sites and channels to avoid falling into this dangerous trap.

A little research can help you find the right brand, and work out how to apply it properly to get the right effects. Most legit companies are easy to contact on their website to ease the communication process and get the right info.

For example, if you want to contact Tonique Skin Care you can do it by sending them an email at or chat with a sales representative via the chat box on their official website.

The companies offering quality products should be able to respond to their customers quickly, and if they don’t have any customer support, there is obviously a problem, as the right advice is important.

How To Apply Skin Whitening Cream

Skin CareSkin whitening treatment does not require a visit to a plastic surgeon; it is a fairly simple process that you can do yourself at home, as long as you follow the right instructions. The following are the basic steps that you can follow in applying skin whitening cream.

Step 1

Apply some warm water on the area you want apply the cream to make the skin wet. Warm water helps in opening skin pores thus facilitating the absorption of nutrients and oils by the skin.

Step 2

This step involves exfoliating the area of the skin that you intend to apply the whitening cream. Exfoliating the skin helps to clean the skin by eliminating old and dead cells. You can exfoliate your skin by rubbing it with the exfoliating soap (sold on the main site, link in sidebar), in a circular motion to scrub the dead and old cells. You can also use our glycolic acid chemical peel to loosen the outer layer of skin for easier exfoliation, which also makes your skin look younger and more radiant.

Step 3

After exfoliating your skin, you should rinse the exfoliating cream off with warm water and then dry it with a clean towel. It is always good to pat your skin when drying it because if you rub it the good cells might get damaged.

Step 4

Now you can apply the skin whitening cream, our 10x intense whitening gel. Put some cream on your fingers, then rub gently on the area that you want to treat, which may be your entire body, from head to toe, or may be just one area, like the face. Rub the skin in a circular motion until the area you are treating becomes thoroughly saturated. Be very careful not to get it in your eyes, and flush with water immediately if that occurs.

Step 5

This step depends on the condition of your skin after applying the whitening cream. You should allow your skin to rest for a while for you to be able to determine whether you need to apply the second coat. If your skin still looks dry after the first application you can apply the second coat to make sure that you have applied enough cream but you should take care not to apply excess cream to avoid wastage.

What you need to remember when treating your skin

Skin whitening is a major process that requires special attention. There some factors that you need to remember during this process.

  • Be responsible: One of the factors that trigger darkening of the skin is direct exposure to sun rays. It is advisable that you avoid direct sunlight especially in the earlier stages of skin whitening process. You should also maintain the recommended cream application routine. Most people fail to achieve the intended results because of irresponsibility and ignorance. Skin whitening requires a commitment for it to be successful.
  • Use the right product: There are numerous and different types of skin whitening products in the market. Most of these products are not effective thus they can disappoint you instead of giving the expected results. Using the right product is the only way you can get the results that you want to achieve.

Some of the recommended products include those sold by Tonique Skin Care since they have a history of producing excellent results over the last ten years, selling to thousands of customers around the world.

 They are based in the US, and all products are safe and FDA approved. Visit the site for more information about how to whiten your skin at home.

How To Whiten Your Skin The Right Way At Home

Whiten Your Skin At HomeIf you are planning to whiten your skin, it’s good that you start by considering the reasons why you want to do it and the results you hope to achieve.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to lighten their skin, some have medical conditions that cause uneven skin, while others just want a lighter skin tone for purely cosmetic reasons.

Skins react differently to whitening products, there are those that require strong chemical treatment such as hypo-pigmentation, where patches of skin have no pigment whatsoever, and to cover that up, you pretty much have to go for a total bleaching, completely white skin all over.

If your skin is very dark, you can opt for a mild lightening effect, although you will probably have to use over the whole body to maintain a uniform result.

You can opt to use creams that have very powerful bleaching effects such as the ones sold by Tonique, and you will achieve you targeted results and be able to maintain those results safely for many years with no bad side effects.

Choosing The Right Brand

Before And AfterChoosing the right skin whitening chemical is not hard, you just have to use the ones that are known to be safe for long term use, and avoid the chemicals which have side effects. The main ingredients of a good skin lightening product are kojic acid, alpha arbutin, glycolic acid and sepiwhite FSH.

Some of these ingredients are responsible for the bleaching effect while the other chemicals like the glycolic acid are used to peel the skin to get rid of the outer layer, making the results last a lot longer on the newer, softer skin underneath.

Products sold by Tonique Skin Care contain the above ingredients, and they have been selling to satisfied customers around the world online for over a decade. Tonique has a wide range of skin whitening products such as exfoliating bars, chemical peel lotions, anti-aging, and whitening creams.

Since the company is based in Maryland USA, Tonique is subject to FDA rules, and all products on the site pass FDA standards. This assures you that all of their products are safe if used according to the instructions.

How To Get In Touch With Tonique

You can contact them personally at for any clarification that you might need, and to get advice specific to you. You can also chat with the customer support through the Chat box on their site. Proper use of the right products can completely transform your skin, going gradually from dark skin to dark brown skin to pure white in color, if you apply the cream regularly.

Tonique has existed for more than twenty years meaning that their products are effective and can be trusted. It is usually advisable that you buy package deals that contain various different items since it is cheaper than buying the products individually. The packages can be used for months since the products are very powerful.

The results of using Tonique products last for many months, wearing off over time if you stop using the products, and they gradually increase if you continue using them on a daily basis. If you stop using the products, the skin starts to return to its original color since new cells develop to replace the old cells.

There are skin whitening creams on the market made in Asia and Africa that you should take care to avoid because they may have chemicals like mercury and hydroquinone that can be very dangerous in the long run if it builds up in your body.

You should research any product you intend to buy online to understand its ingredients and reputation, although you are usually safe with any American made product, due to the FDA regulations.

Skin whitening is a serious action, and the only way to avoid any potential risk is by using products offered by a company with great reputation, a company based in America, with a long standing reputation for quality and safety, and that company is Tonique Skin Care.

How To Fix Uneven Skin Tone Permanently

Uneven skinUneven skin tone is mostly caused by overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for giving human skin, eyes and hair their color.

Human skin gets damaged due to excessive exposure to harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, this damage caused by sun rays promotes melanin production and the damaged area eventually develops ugly black patches and becomes uneven.

Uneven skin tone makes people look much older than they are. The worst thing about this condition is that the regular anti-aging treatments meant for reducing wrinkles, and fine lines usually don’t help in fixing uneven skin tone.

Advertisements in newspaper, television and internet will introduce you to products that claim to solve this problem within minutes. You should not fall prey to such claims. The majority of those products contain dangerous chemicals, which instead of improving your skin health will cause more damage to it.

Those products might instantly lighten the dark patches on your skin, but they manage to do so only as a result of having harsh bleaching agents such as mercury as one of their ingredients.

So, is it possible to fix uneven skin tone? The answer is “yes”. You might need to wait for some time to see significant results, but there are a few remedies that will help you in getting back the smooth and glowing skin you originally had.

Effective Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for uneven skinLemon juice, due to its acidic nature, is a great remedy for uneven skin tone. Applying freshly squeezed lemon juice on your skin will help in maintaining its pH balance. Perfect pH balance is one of the major building blocks of even skin tone.

For getting best results, apply the juice on the affected part of your skin using a cotton ball; allow it to sit for 5 minutes and then wash off using plenty of water. Do this daily, and you will surely start seeing results within seven to 10 days.

This remedy will work for all; just before applying lemon juice make sure you don’t have any scratches or cuts. Also, never go out in the sun with lemon juice applied on your skin.

You can also use milk to lighten naturally and soften your skin. Milk has the ability to decelerate melanin production and to make your complexion lighter. After applying milk onto your skin just for a couple of weeks, you will see the dark scars and blemishes becoming lighter. In addition, you will also not be bothered by other skin issues like flaky skin or excessive dryness.

Other Safe Treatments

Click To Visit The Facebook PageLook for a cream that contains ingredients like alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid and sepiwhite FSH, as these are all popular, over the counter chemicals with results that are known well to be safe.

Apply it regularly to the affected parts of your skin after cleaning it well, and this should help you in getting rid of your uneven skin tone.

You can opt for a skin lightening cream containing the active ingredient hydroquinine, however if not used in correct proportion, this chemical can cause terrible side effects like bruising and thickening of the skin, and as a result, such products should only be used under a doctor’s supervision, if at all.

 In some countries, any product containing hydroquinone are banned.

Another way of fixing uneven skin is by undergoing a chemical peel. The process involves controlled destruction of damaged epidermal layers, which makes the outer layers fall off. Chemical peels will help you get back the blemish free even skin you had as a child.

Which Product To Buy?

This blog is a little biased, as you can see by the link in the sidebar, but the way to tell a good skin whitening company is that they sell FDA approved products, have a long history of satisfied customers, and also a good customer service team who can give quality advice to people about to start treatments at home.

It’s a process that can be maintained for years, so it’s important that the active ingredients are safe and don’t irritate the skin, and that can only be achieved through getting the balance right.

Other products you should steer clear of are any that say you can lighten your skin with a pill or injection, any products containing hydroquinone or mercury, and also products whose only active ingredients are natural food products like mango juice, powdered almonds, etc.

If you want to find out more, talk to the experts, Tonique Skin Care, a company based in the USA that has been working exclusively in the field of skin whitening for over a decade online.

Click on the link in the sidebar, and if you have any questions, email

Skin Whitening Products Delivered Worldwide

This page will tell you how to get the highest quality, American made skin whitening products delivered right to your door, anywhere in the world.

Below, are a short list of products available on the site, you can click on the photos to see the product description page for that particular product.

New Extra Strength! Tonique 10x Intense Whitening Gel

Skin Whitening GelThis product is the basic whitening gel, the most powerful product on the site, and is available for $99.00 US.

You can use this by itself to get the effects you’re looking for, and one tub will last you for months, depending on how white you want to go, and whether you’re bleaching your whole body, or just one particular area.

If you have any questions about how to apply this product, or any of the other items on the site, send a message to or start a chat on the site. Click on the photo to buy.

Tonique Glycolic Peeling Lightening Lotion

Glycolic Peeling LotionThis product is a chemical peeling lotion, using glycolic acid. It takes off the outer layer of skin, so that the skin whitening gel, (made from alpha arbutin), can have a stronger, longer lasting effect, because it works on the new skin cells, rather than the old ones.

It takes exfoliates and brightens the skin, and is best used in combination with the whitening gel. You apply this one once a day to remove dead skin cells, keeping your skin looking young and beautiful.

If you’re only after a mild lightening effect, you may get away with only using this product, although if you want to get a few shades lighter, and even go completely white, you will need the gel and perhaps other products on the site as well.

Tonique Triple Whitening Exfoliating Bar

Exfoliating BarThis exfoliating bar works really well with the peeling lotion, to rub off the top layer of dead skin cells.

You could just use a loofah, but this one is specially made for this exact purpose, and contains: coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, sepiwhite msh, sepicalm vg, and licorice extract.

It’s a soap, so it should be used daily, along with the peeling lotion, to get the optimum effects.

It leaves your skin smelling great, like coconut perfume, and because your newer skin cells are younger, you will look younger as well.

Other Products On Tonique

Whitening PackageApart from these great products, you can also get a green tea whitening lotion, a whitening facial toner, a semi-custom facial whitening gel creme, a semi-custom body whitening gel creme, and you can also get two package deals which give you a much better deal per item.

There is the Color Me Beautiful face and body whitening package for $349.99, and the Absolutely Flawless face and body whitening package for $229.99.

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