Common Skin Problems And Their Solutions

Solutions to common skin problemsWe all are well aware of the fact that skin is largest organ of our body. It acts as a shield that protects our internal organs from any kind of damage. Besides being the protective shield it is also a reflection of our inner health and problems.

A person with a glowing skin is considered healthier than a one sporting the dull and blemished skin. Since our skin is subjected to lots of wear and tear in daily life therefore special care is needed to make it youthful and alive. When we move outside our house harmful UV rays of sun and climate conditions tend to damage our skin.

Eventually these damages result in emergence of dark spots, blemishes, pimples, freckles, acne and hyper-pigmentation. Every woman aspires to possess a glowing and young skin that should not reflect her age.

Home Based Remedies

If taken care properly one can get rid of these stubborn blemishes. Many home based remedies are available since ancient times to make your skin healthier. Due to lack of time many of us don’t pay heed towards these remedies that beneficial in long terms. Some of them that are commonly propagated by skin experts are:
•    Drink lots of water in order to hydrate the skin. Water intoxicates the skin of impurities that resides in our body. Its intake results in fresher and younger skin. More benefits can be achieved by adding lemon juice to water with a dash of honey. This concoction helps to provide whitening effect to your body. Your skin gets treated from inside using this method.
•    Intake of fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits are also very useful remedies.
•    However to treat outer appearance of your skin one must use potato slices to get whitening effect. Since potato is a carrier of natural bleaching agent therefore it helps to lighten the tone of skin colour.
•    Another source of healthier skin is milk. This agent is beneficial whether applied externally or taken as diet. Milk acts as a natural cleanser and also improves health if taken regularly as part of diet.
•    One cannot finish the topic of skin without mentioning lime juice. It is the most powerful cleanser of all time. Being acidic in nature lemon has whitening properties and act as a bleaching agent.

Skin Creams And Products

Besides home based remedies there have been various advancements in area of dermatology. Many skin creams have been introduced that provide instant results as far as skin problems are concerned. Most common problem among women is hyper pigmentation. It can be treated with creams that contain hydroquinone and inhibit the production of melanin.

The best safe skin whitening products available in market are rich in licorice extract, lactic acid, bearberry extract, glycolic acid and alpha arbutin. Brands like Tonique cream are considered as most effective ones that provide nutrients of mentioned extracts.

Moreover latest technologies have given rise to treatments related to skin. Many clinics provide treatments for acne, scars, wrinkles and pigmentation through laser and chemicals. But it is advisable to visit a professional dermatologist while choosing such treatments.

Summary: Most of the women are suffering from skin problems due to lifestyle they follow. Skin problems can be avoided for a longer time with help of protective measures mentioned in this article. There are plenty of skin care tips available on internet that can be utilized for getting rid of acne and pimples. One can also choose some laser treatments performed by dermatologists that provide instant results.