Contact ToniqueYou can get in touch with the helpful staff at Tonique Skin Care by using this handy contact form below, or you can click on the link in the sidebar, which opens up an email in your main email with a message partly written.

It says something like “I want to learn more about skin whitening, please send me some information.” A good idea is to maybe add a photo of yourself, and to describe your skin and the results you want to achieve by using the product, and the helpful support staff will reply with helpful information and answer all your questions.

You can of course also just visit the main Tonique site, ( by clicking on the photo on the top of the sidebar. There is a lot more than you think to know about the topic of skin whitening, so you might want to join one of the Facebook pages, Skin Whitening Tips or Skin Lightening Cream.

There, you will be able to get quality information whenever you want, (or to find it in your news feed), about the process of lightening your skin in a safe way.

There is more than one way to whiten your skin, and there is more than one product for sale on the site, but it’s important to realize that you can’t trust just any skin whitening cream.

There are some very low quality and even dangerous creams and potions on the market, and you need to know that only some products (with Tonique being at the top of the line), are both safe and effective.

This is due to the quality chemicals used, especially arbutin and glycolic acid. You can find out more about the results you can expect by checking out the main site, or by reading the articles on the Facebook page, or on this site, but this page is for those who want to get in contact with the company by email to chat, so use this form to do that:

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