Hollywood Skin Bleaching Secrets

Hollywood Skin BleachingThis post is all about Hollywood movie stars, pop stars, and celebrities who bleach their skin, and what they use to do it.

Generally speaking, most of them would see a plastic surgeon and get a treatment that costs many thousands of dollars, but the same chemicals are available for the public at a much cheaper price.

Before I go into what those chemicals are, and the products that contain them as the active ingredients, let’s have a look at which Hollywood stars are (allegedly), bleaching their skin.


Beyonce before and after skin bleachingThis photo clearly shows what she looked like a few years ago, compared to today, or when the photo was taken.

She has actually grown a bit lighter since the after photo was taken, but it was obviously the result of a treatment.

She hasn’t talked publicly about it, and has perhaps even denied it, but then many stars don’t like talking about their procedures, injections, nips and tucks etc.

It’s kind of surprising that most people didn’t even seem to notice it at all, given how many millions of people are watching her life through the tabloids, music videos, and concerts.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki MInaj skin whitening before and afterWhile not as huge a star as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj is still very famous, and has done a song with Justin Bieber, among many other hits of her own.

In this photo, you can see the massive change from what she looked like as a young girl, to what she looks like now.

Unlike Beyonce, she seems to use the white skin to make a rather extreme fashion statement, along with her crazy makeup, clothes and jewelry.


This is a photo of Rihanna before and after skin bleaching. As you can see, she is noticeably whiter, and a little greyer as well, in some of the shots.

Rihanna before and after skin bleachingApart from Lady Gaga, these are the number one most famous female pop stars in the world right now, and they’re all using skin bleaching treatments.

All of them are at least partly African American, but look very white, and some would say that it is the general advice of the show business industry for black stars to lighten their skin, to appeal more to the mostly white audience.

It certainly hasn’t hurt their success, and as I said before, even though they were doing the treatments while in the public eye, most people didn’t seem to notice the change whatsoever.

How They Did It

The most effective and safest chemicals used in skin bleaching treatments are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, and sepiwhite FSH.

Other creams have hydroquinone in them, but while this is an effective whitening agent, it also has nasty side effects when used for a long period of time. You should also be careful of products containing mercury, and avoid skin whitening pills and injections.

For a more mild effect, you can simply use lemon juice, or anything containing vitamin C, but that won’t give you the dramatic results seen in these photos.

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