How To Apply Skin Whitening Cream

Skin CareSkin whitening treatment does not require a visit to a plastic surgeon; it is a fairly simple process that you can do yourself at home, as long as you follow the right instructions. The following are the basic steps that you can follow in applying skin whitening cream.

Step 1

Apply some warm water on the area you want apply the cream to make the skin wet. Warm water helps in opening skin pores thus facilitating the absorption of nutrients and oils by the skin.

Step 2

This step involves exfoliating the area of the skin that you intend to apply the whitening cream. Exfoliating the skin helps to clean the skin by eliminating old and dead cells. You can exfoliate your skin by rubbing it with the exfoliating soap (sold on the main site, link in sidebar), in a circular motion to scrub the dead and old cells. You can also use our glycolic acid chemical peel to loosen the outer layer of skin for easier exfoliation, which also makes your skin look younger and more radiant.

Step 3

After exfoliating your skin, you should rinse the exfoliating cream off with warm water and then dry it with a clean towel. It is always good to pat your skin when drying it because if you rub it the good cells might get damaged.

Step 4

Now you can apply the skin whitening cream, our 10x intense whitening gel. Put some cream on your fingers, then rub gently on the area that you want to treat, which may be your entire body, from head to toe, or may be just one area, like the face. Rub the skin in a circular motion until the area you are treating becomes thoroughly saturated. Be very careful not to get it in your eyes, and flush with water immediately if that occurs.

Step 5

This step depends on the condition of your skin after applying the whitening cream. You should allow your skin to rest for a while for you to be able to determine whether you need to apply the second coat. If your skin still looks dry after the first application you can apply the second coat to make sure that you have applied enough cream but you should take care not to apply excess cream to avoid wastage.

What you need to remember when treating your skin

Skin whitening is a major process that requires special attention. There some factors that you need to remember during this process.

  • Be responsible: One of the factors that trigger darkening of the skin is direct exposure to sun rays. It is advisable that you avoid direct sunlight especially in the earlier stages of skin whitening process. You should also maintain the recommended cream application routine. Most people fail to achieve the intended results because of irresponsibility and ignorance. Skin whitening requires a commitment for it to be successful.
  • Use the right product: There are numerous and different types of skin whitening products in the market. Most of these products are not effective thus they can disappoint you instead of giving the expected results. Using the right product is the only way you can get the results that you want to achieve.

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