How To Bleach Birthmarks Away At Home

Before and AfterThere is a large number of people who are born with a birthmark and most of the time, they end up living with it in their entire life. A birthmark is usually a part of your DNA thus it doesn’t fade and go away like a scar.

You cannot get rid of a birthmark completely, without cutting it out, but you can do something to minimize its visibility. There are some people who try to cover it up with makeup but it doesn’t work that well, and it’s never permanent, in this case, you should try skin lightening creams.

There are some things you should know about skin lightening creams. If your birthmark is extremely dark you need to apply the skin whitening creams on the area to bleach it white, however if you have a very dark body color you might be required to bleach the whole body to achieve a uniform skin color, depending on how completely you want to cover up the spot.

If you are naturally light skinned, you might not have to bleach the whole body, just bleach the dark part so that it can match with the rest of your body.

Using the right skin lightening product gradually turns the area you have applied the cream white, the effects continue to advance as you continue using the creams. If you stop applying the creams, the mark starts showing up again due to the growth of new cells which replaces the old cells.

The best skin treatment chemicals

The availability of a wide variety of skin bleaching creams on the market makes it very difficult to determine the best products. However, it is advisable that you go for those products that contain reliable and safe ingredients. The ingredients to look for before buying any skin whitening cream include kojic acid, arbutin, glycolic acid and sepiwhite FSH.

The creams to avoid are those containing hydroquinone and mercury; they pose a great danger to your health since they normally cause very severe side effects especially if used for a long period.

You should also stay away from products that require you to take an injection or swallow a pill.

 The other products to avoid are those made in countries that that lack quality regulations set by the authority or government such as the FDA in the US.

Products that work best for bleaching your skin at home

The best products are sold by a company located in Maryland USA known as Tonique Skin Care. Tonique has been dealing in skin care products for over a decade, and has satisfied a large number of customers by offering them skin care products that are perfect for them.

 There have been thousands of positive reviews from customers around the world.

Visiting their site, will give a better insight about their products. There are two options for buying their products. You can buy an individual product, and you can also go for a package deal that contains all the products that you need for a month, this can save you a lot of money on the price of each item.

You can also contact their representative via [email protected] for more information about their products. The support can help you to choose the best product for you and also give you a complete guidance on how to apply them.

You can ease the whole process by sending the support team your recent photo so that they can have sufficient information that will help them to make a good recommendation. You should be careful when applying skin lightening creams especially the powerful ones on sensitive areas such as the eyes.

Once you buy your skin bleaching products with a credit card, it normally takes a short period of a few weeks for it to be shipped to you. On receiving your creams, you can start the treatment immediately in the comfort of your home.

Skin whitening is a gradual process thus you should not expect to see results overnight, you will start noticing some changes after a few week, but real changes will be noticed within a few months.