How To Bleach Freckles

How to bleach frecklesThis post will teach you how to safely and effectively bleach your freckles to cover them up, or even get rid of them completely, by turning your skin completely white.

If you are fairly light skinned already, then the process will be a lot easier than if you have naturally dark skin. In this case, you will require more treatments, for a longer period of time, and the results you’re looking for will require a dramatic change in your skin color.

If you have really light skin, you may be able to just bleach the affected area, such as your nose, or your face as a whole. Darker skinned people may have to bleach their entire body to get even results.

Chemical Treatments

The best chemicals to look for as the active ingredients of a cream, lotion or soap are:

  • alpha arbutin
  • glycolic acid
  • kojic acid
  • sepiwhite FSH
  • ascorbic acid

The last chemical is also known as citric acid or vitamin C, and this is only used for a very mild brightening effect. It won’t completely change your skin color, but may give you slightly measurable results.

You can do a very basic treatment by simply applying lemon juice to your face, or mix lemon juice in yoghurt, or with raw sugar or yoghurt.

Turmeric and ginger or pineapple or oranges are also known to have some effect if you’re looking for a homemade skin lightening remedy, although these food items are very mild, and won’t give you powerful results like the chemical products.

For more information on that, see this article: Can You Make Your Skin Lighter With Lemon Juice?

Chemical Brands Of Skin Whitening Products

Whitening CreamThe leading brand of skin whitening products in America is Tonique Skin Care. They are based in Maryland, and have been in business for over ten years, with barely any bad reviews.

There is such a high level of customer satisfaction because they deliver on their promise to safely and effectively bleach your skin white, in gradual stages.

The active ingredients they use in their creams and lotions are arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite FSH, along with ascorbic acid, and tea tree oil, which is a natural anti-inflammatory chemical.

The way to get the best value on the site is to buy one of the package deals, which contain multiple items, including their green tea moisturizing whitening lotion, whitening cream, whitening gel, coconut mango exfoliating soap, and a whitening facial toner.

There are two of them, one containing slightly more than the other. The Color Me Beautiful package sells for $349.99 while the Absolutely Flawless package sells for $229.99.

You can also buy the products individually, the only difference is that they cost more per item, and they were made to give you the best results when used in conjunction with each other.

Other Popular Brands Of Skin Whitening Products

Arbutin CreamIf you want to check out what other products sell well on Amazon, click on the photo to your right to browse popular products related to skin whitening.

What you should be aware of however, is what not to look for. Not all skin whitening treatments are made equal, and some are actually dangerous, leaving you with nasty side effects.

For example, products containing hydroquinone have been proven to cause bad reactions, including bruising, thickening of the skin, and rashes.

Large doses have even been shown to cause cancer in rats, as well as nausea, hallucinations, and brain damage, if the concentrations in the blood reach toxic levels.

Apart from that, you want to avoid products containing mercury, not a commonly used chemical, but it is found in some creams made by less reputable foreign brands.

The reason why an American company can be trusted to give you safe skin whitening results is due to the FDA regulations that each product has to pass, to ensure that it’s fit for human consumption or use.

Things like whitening pills are no good, and you definitely don’t want to try the injections. Some of the products are just useless, they may have small amounts of lemon juice, or pineapple, something with vitamin C, but you might as well just use lemon juice if you’re going to use that mild chemical as a treatment.


The different options when it comes to bleaching your freckles away are to either learn to live with them, use a mild lightening remedy like lemon juice, or to use a professional treatment like the ones mentioned above.

Whatever you do, make sure you know what you’re putting on your skin before you do, as if you get the wrong brand of skin bleaching product, you might cause yourself some irritation or harm.