Lighten Your Skin And Tighten And Look Younger At The Same Time

The usual approach to both skin lightening creams and anti aging or wrinkle creams by beauty companies is to separate the market in two, choosing a specific set of chemicals for a specific result. Nothing wrong with that, but when it is possible to do both things at once, why only get one result, when you probably would like the benefits from the other cream as well?

To be more specific about what I’m talking about, Tonique Skin Care are an American company that have been making skin lightening products and selling them worldwide for over a decade online with much success.

They have recently released a new range of anti aging products, the Skin Renew collection, and some of the creams in the range have lightening properties as well as anti aging ingredients.

One of the many aging signs is uneven skin, liver spots or age spots, acne scars, lines from wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes. What these creams do, for example the Repairing Anti Aging Whitening Creme, (shown in the photo), is tighten the skin while boosting collagen production, and work to seal in hydration, exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate cell turnover and keep skin healthy with vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, while also lightening for even skin tone.

This particular cream may not be the one for your particular needs, there are over a dozen different products on the site, with varying ingredients and varying results. Not all are best for potent lightening or bleaching applications, that’s more the Tonique range, and not all the Skin Renew range of creams will lighten your skin.

On the site there is a lightening chemical peel, a retinol exfoliating resurfacer, a moisturizing cleanser, a toner, and more. While the descriptions on each sales page give you a pretty good idea what to expect, you may wish to get personalized advice, which you can get through the chat box or contact page on the site, or by sending an email to or

It’s a good idea to include a recent photo of yourself without makeup as well as an explanation of the results you aim to achieve and whether you have dry or oily skin, whether you are prone to breakouts, etc. The experts at Tonique Skin Care will advise you on a treatment plan to not only fix uneven skin tone and lighten, but also take years off the aging signs on your skin as well, at a very affordable price.