Natural Skin Lightening Products

Natural Skin LighteningThere are many different ways to lighten your skin, or to cover up dark patches, spots, freckles, birthmarks, age spots, etc.

Some treatments are safer and more effective than others, and there are a whole range of things to consider, including what type of skin you have, your budget, the effectiveness of a treatment, and how safe it is.

You might want to start out by trying simple things like lemon or lime juice, as this contains vitamin C, which has been shown to have a small benefit in making your skin lighter, and smoothing out uneven skin.

You may also want to try other food based homemade remedies such as ginger, turmeric, and even potatoes and tomatoes.

Half of those things are probably just old wives tales, and the other half may be somewhat effective, but not so effective as to make a large difference in the color of your skin, or in patches of your skin that have blemishes.

Since I’m talking about natural skin lightening treatments, I won’t go into the prescription creams you can get from a doctor, except to say that doctors are hesitant to prescribe them, as they are very potent, and have some side effects, such as thinning of the skin, rashes, and even blisters, if used for too long a period of time.

Natural Skin Lightening Treatments

Probably the best natural chemicals which are potent enough to sell as a product are arbutin, and glycolic acid.

These chemicals work in a similar way to the prescription creams, in that they gradually bleach your skin to a totally white color in stages, but you don’t need to see a doctor, as there are very few side effects, if used according to the directions recommended by the expert sales staff at Tonique Skin Care.

You can talk to one of these experts by clicking on the photo link in the sidebar to visit the main site, or by clicking on the email link, which will bring up a new message to send, addressed to, with a subject and first sentence filled out.

It says please give me some more information on your products, and what you should also do is add a few lines on what sort of skin you have, (light, or dark in color), and a bit about the problem that you have been having, such as I have freckles on my nose, or I have age spots on my hands.

This will give them enough information to recommend a product, and give you directions of use, and it’s important that you follow these carefully, as while the product is safe and natural, it is still a powerful bleaching cream, which leaves the area that you use it on a noticeably lighter color.

To find out more about how to make your skin lighter, again, click on the links in the sidebar, or take a look around this site, and the links it leads to, as there is plenty of information that you should understand about the process of skin whitening, and using skin whitening cream.