Product Descriptions

These are some of the skin whitening products offered by Tonique Skin Care, for a more comprehensive list, you should visit the site by clicking on the photo in the sidebar, or on the individual photos on this page, this is just a small selection of the products available.

Glycolic Peeling And Lightening Lotion

This product exfoliates and lightens the skin, and has a mild peeling effect to strip off dead layers of skin and reveal the new, fresh skin underneath. It works best when used in combination with the other products on the site. This cream costs $149 but you can get much better value by purchasing a complete package, such as the ones listed below it. Click on the photo to find out more.

Lightening Skin Lotion








The Color Me Beautiful Face And Body Whitening Package

Skin Whitening Package








This is the most complete set of products for use on the face and body, and will last a long time if used in the right way, and is the best value for money at $349.99. To get information on how to apply the cream for your individual needs, again, click on the photo, or get in contact with the support team on the site.

Skin Whitening Gel

Skin lightening gel








This gel is a powerful bleaching agent that is guaranteed to produce effective skin whitening results in a safe way, but always be careful to follow the instructions and to get a good idea of what results you can expect before you buy.

This company has been around for years, the active ingredients are safe and free of side effects if used as directed and will get you the results you’ve been looking for.