Skin Renewing Cream

Skin Repairing CreamI was having a look on Amazon for a good product to fix dry, damaged skin, because I had a problem with that due to my other job, which involves washing dishes.

I found this quality skin renewing cream from Garnier, a well-known, respected company, and I decided to give it a try. It’s basically a moisturizing cream with vitamin C, and a few other things which help to repair and renew your skin.

It’s a sunscreen as well, which means it stops damage from the sun, which can be really bad for aging your skin and causing wrinkles, spots, and thick, dry patches.

The active ingredients are: Octinoxate 4% and Titanium dioxide 2.1% as well as vitamin C, and mineral pigments.

The product claims to produce renewed radiance, a brightened, more even complexion, and that imperfections like wrinkles are reduced by the 24 hour hydration and protection from the sun.

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Skin Repairing Cream

Skin Repairing LotionI also found this one, which seems to be a lot more effective at repairing damaged skin. It’s called Bio-Cream Bio-restorative Skin Cream from Neocutis, and I’ve seen this work on television.

It wasn’t an ad, but a real test by a lifestyle show that proved the power of anti-wrinkle creams, working almost immediately to reduce lines and wrinkles.

This is the same sort of thing, using the same ingredients as what I saw, and while it may be a bit more expensive than the first product I talked about, it is well worth it, given the results it can bring.

One of the things this product is claimed to do is promote the recovery and skin restoration after cosmetic or dermatological procedures, which is a big claim to make, that you can speed up the healing process, but it is true, I’ve seen it work on myself.

If you scroll down the product page a little, you can see the products frequently bought with this item, and I highly recommend you buy the extra things.

These include the bio-restorative eye cream which is made for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes, and also the restorative day cream with sunscreen.

You can get all three Neocutis products for $223.02, and you will thank yourself when you see the results, these products are the latest technology, and will make you look years younger.

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