Skin Whitening Cream Reviews

This post is a series of reviews of the best skin whitening cream products on the market, that use safe ingredients that really work, and most importantly work with no side effects.

The main active ingredients of all of these products are a combination of the following FDA approved chemicals: arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, ascorbic acid or vitamin C, or sepiwhite FSH.
LumiEssence Organic Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment

Skin brightening creamThis cream is advertised as a brightening cream, and for those not familiar with the language of skin bleaching, that’s the mildest form of whitening, with lightening, whitening and bleaching being a stronger form of the same thing.

It contains arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin C, which are all very well known over the counter ingredients. The good thing about this product is the amazingly good rating it has on Amazon.

So far, there have been over 112 customer reviews, and on average, it received a four and a half star rating out of five. Just that alone is worthy of ranking it as one of the best skin whitening creams on the market, even if it’s not as strong as some others.

The cost is $34.00 plus shipping, just click on the photo to your right if you want to buy the product.

Tonique Skin Whitening Products

Skin whitening creamThe difference with Tonique Skin Care is they only sell skin whitening cream, and all of their many products are designed to get the most powerful bleaching results possible.

This is what you need if you’re serious about getting much lighter skin quickly, and maintaining it for many years in a safe way.

If you click on the photo on the right, it will take you to the product page for their skin whitening gel, which sells for $99.95.

This isn’t their only product, they also have a glycolic acid peeling lotion, which takes off the outer layers of skin which makes for a more effective, longer lasting deep bleaching, when used in conjunction with this whitening gel.

They also have a whitening exfoliating bar, and many other products. The way to get the best value is to buy one of the package deals.

It may seem like you’re paying more for the cream, but as the name suggests, it’s actually ten times stronger or more than the previous product I talked about.

Kojic Acid Soap

skin whitening soapThis product isn’t a cream, but rather a soap that has lots of kojic acid in it, and I included it because based on the product reviews on Amazon, it produces the fastest results for the money.

One customer said: “This product is very strong. I am dark skin African-American and needed to get rid of some scars. Within a week of using this 2x a day, my skin was about 2 shades lighter. I had to lay off using it because I was starting to lose color. But if you want to lighten your skin it works.”

After 253 customer reviews, it has a four star rating, and that’s pretty amazing really, it means it’s very popular, and it works well.

The best thing about it is the price, it’s only $7.05 with free shipping in the United States. For that price, you could get a dozen two packs of this soap for the same price as one tub of the Tonique gel, but there are differences.

For example, kojic acid dries the skin out, and it can cause itching. But for the price, you can’t go wrong to try it out. If you want to buy any of these skin whitening products I’ve reviewed in this post, simply click on the photos, and you will be redirected to the buy page.