How To Find The Right Anti Aging Cream

Getting old comes as no surprise, but it happens all too quickly, and you start noticing wrinkles on your forehead and around the eyes. However, after noticing the aging signs, you might start looking for ways to stop the development of wrinkles in a hurry without caring about doing it the right way.

skin-care-creamHowever, when it comes to any issue relating to health, safety should be a priority, and you need to research what chemicals you use on your skin carefully before proceeding.

There are several ways in which you can reverse the aging process, or it’s appearance, so that you can continue looking young and attractive. Most of the anti-aging products out there have become very popular due to heavy advertisements as every company tries to push its products in the market, but not all of them work wonders, only some do.

The beauty industry is a billion-dollar industry thus there a wide range of anti-aging products on the market which makes it difficult to choose the right product. However, if had trouble in choosing the right anti-aging wrinkle cream here are few tips that will solve your mystery.

How Do Anti Aging Creams Work?

skin-renew-logoThe first thing you need to consider is how the product works. You need to go for a product that is easy to use, with the right chemicals, and which does not interfere with your life with too much skin peeling and redness.

A great example is the anti-aging creams sold by Skin Renew. The anti-aging products on are easy to apply and are FDA approved, so do not pose any sort of health threat. They work using the latest technology chemicals such as Retinol, in combination with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all sorts of botanical extracts which have been found to turn back the clock, almost overnight.

Can You Trust The Company?

before-and-after-anti-agingTonique skin care, is an American company that has been in the beauty industry for almost two decades, and the Skin Renew collection is a division of Tonique. Tonique Skin Care has satisfied thousands of customers from around the world over that time, many of whom are repeat customers, hence the reason they have managed to remain in business for so long.

Tonique’s skin whitening products are also found on Skin Renew’s online shop, which is a side company of Tonique. Skin lightening can be part of the process of reversing the aging process as well.

To buy your anti-aging creams, you just have to visit and click on the shop collection tab to view all the products offered by Skin Renew. You can buy from every corner of the world and it will be shipped to your door within a couple of weeks.

Get Personalized Help Choosing Your Treatment Plan

before-and-afterHowever, you might want to seek advice on which creams to use, and how to use them to get the best possible results, for your individual skin, by sending an email to [email protected].

You might consider sending the support team a current photo as an attachment so that they can give you the best advice on how to improve your appearance, and the results can be amazing, with some customers appearing to have lost decades!

Celebrities Who Have Bleached Their Skin White

Beyonce Before And After Skin BleachingAre you wondering which Hollywood celebrities have undergone skin whitening, because you are a fan, and you want to know whether your favorite pop star or actor has bleached his or her skin white?

As days goes by, most media platforms are trying to come up with new ways of attracting more fans. Some of the ways that these media platforms seek attention from the public is by providing gossip about the most famous individuals in the world.

Most of this gossip or in other words rumors are usually untrue, but often where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

 This post will focus on the celebrities who have “allegedly” bleached their skin. The information provided here has been acquired through intensive research from reliable sources, thus it is nothing like gossip, at all.

Rihanna Before And AfterBeyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna are some of the celebrities that I have conclusive proof that they have lightened their skin. However, I have been researching further to find out whether there are more Hollywood stars that have bleached their skin white.

Michael Jackson is the other Hollywood star known by most individuals to have whitened his skin to treat a condition known as vitiligo.

Nicki MinajUnfortunately, the prescription cream he used contained a dangerous ingredient known as hydroquinone, which is still prescribed by some doctors, even though long term use has been shown to have terrible side effects.

When looking for skin whitening creams, it’s crucial that you go for those that contain reliable ingredients. Skin lightening creams containing dangerous ingredients such as hydroquinone can result in adverse side effects, thus should be avoided at all costs.

Celebs that have lightened their skin

Lil' Kim Before And AfterLil Kim is another celeb who have bleached her skin, according to photos showing the before and after effects of using skin lightening creams, which are fairly hard to deny, unless she’s a black woman doing a white face with makeup. As a fan is up to you to judge which look is better, before bleaching or after bleaching, and remember that she is a bit older on the recent photo.

By comparing the photos, you can notice the transformation that could make you think that the photos are from different people. In the recent photo, she looks prettier even with the makeup.

Tempest Bledsoe Before And After Skin BleachingDo you remember Tempest Bledsoe from the popular Cosby show? She played a kid role in this show.

She is the other famous celeb that has lightened her skin. She has lighter skin on her recent photos than she used to look on the show, an excellent proof of skin lightening.

In fact, when she started appearing on red carpet events people were surprised by how white she looked.

Tamar BraxtonTamar Braxton, a songwriter, singer, reality TV star and actress is another celeb that we cannot forget to include in our list. Tamar publicly confirmed that she had vitiligo, the same skin condition that Michael Jackson had, thus she had to lighten her skin to get rid of the large white patches.

She went ahead and reminded the public that skin issues are very sensitive thus it is hard to talk about them especially in public.

Trina McGeeThe other celeb who has completely transformed her look is actress Tina McGee. Her before and after skin whitening photos confirms how efficient the skin lightening creams can be. The light skin makes her look very different from what she used to look like before.

Most of the celebrities who have whitened their skin are African American, the white celebs do not need to use skin lightening creams to get lighter skin.

However, there are several reasons that could make a white skinned person use skin lightening creams such as to eliminate black spots that normally appear on the skin of white people.

Package DealSkin whitening is a sensitive process that needs to be done carefully, using the highest quality ingredients for you to achieve the best results. One of the factors that you need consider to ensure that the process is successful is by using the right product.

Skin lightening creams sold by Tonique Skin Care, an American company with over a decade of experience, selling to satisfied customers around the world, are known to give safe, effective results, efficiently. Tonique’s products contain high quality, reliable, FDA approved ingredients thus they are very efficient, easy to use and produce results very quickly. Visit the site to find out more, or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

What Is Skin Lightening About?

Before And After Skin LighteningYour skin tone forms an integral part of your external appearance. Skin lightening is not merely about attaining a lighter skin tone or getting fairer, (although that can be why some use these sort of products), but it is also about getting an even skin tone as well.

It is about reducing the blemishes on your skin such as freckles, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation, acne scars, burn scars, etc. It is also about covering up uneven skin tone of all types, such as dark circles under the eyes, and getting your natural glow back.

But, most of all it is about doing all of this in a natural way without damaging your outermost layer of the skin or the epidermis and preventing chemical reactions and immunological response to allergens.
There are various ways of achieving a lighter skin tone. The cheapest and the safest of which is an external application in the form of gels or creams containing the right sort of chemicals. There are several brands, product ranges and variants available in the global market both online and through retail.

In such a scenario where there are several product lines, each one aggressively marketing itself, one needs to be vigilant in noticing impractical ceiling high promises, manipulations, and vested interests while being conscious of your skin type, chemical allergies and the kind of components cosmetics use.

It is important to experiment with products, but the risk should be a calculated one based on the type of change you wish to see in your skin, the skin region the applicant is applied on and many others.

How To Find A Reliable Skin Lightening Brand
Since the stakes are always high with skin lightening creams, all major countries have set up authorities, boards or association to supervise the permissible quantities of chemicals in creams and gels per gram.

It is mandatory for the domestic sources to get authorizations from these bodies, but the ones marketed over the internet often bypass these authorisations and the certifications. This makes these products hazardous to skin health. It is only wise to buy products that are authorized for sale in all major markets across North America, Europe and Asia like Tonique Skin Care products.
Moreover specific skin problems require specific solutions as broad spectrum applicants do not yield results, consequently, when you deal with specific problems like skin tanning, skin darkening, skin aging, uneven toned skin, freckles, dark spots, etc., you need to rely on products recommended by dermatologists or the ones with a highly positive online reputation.

You can either rely on professionals and experts or people with similar skin type and with similar skin problems through testimonials of the various clients who have derived benefit from our products and have gracefully left positive testimonials.
While buying products online or on the retail look for codes for chemicals and their derivatives and avoid products like hydroquinone that are meant for consumption and infusion. It is better to use cosmetics that use simple fatty acids and other compounds like glycolic acid and arbutin that does not have any bad side effects.

It is always wise to remember that any genuine product working naturally on your skin requires your time, patience and persistence and no bleach can act on your skin like magic. So, you can safely assume that any external applicant that promises to yield instant fairness is either harmful or hoax as this is not how skin regeneration works. You need to balance effectiveness with safety, and use mild chemicals that won’t have any long term side effects such as those mentioned above.
Try out Tonique Skin Care products today and you will not have to look anywhere else. You are guaranteed of mind blowing results. Being FDA approved and made in Maryland, USA, Tonique’s products are not only safe but also very effective.

You can choose the right skin care cream for your skin on Tonique skin care company official website or on their other site which also sells a range of anti aging products. For any inquiries feel free to contact the support staff by sending an email to [email protected]

How To Control Wrinkles And Saggy Skin

WrinklesPeople always scrutinize how we look especially if we are in the public spotlight like celebrities and movie stars. It is during public events like red carpet parties where celebrities try to improve their looks to have a better appearance to their famous friends, and their fans.

You will find celebrities who are in their 50s having done some modifications on their look which makes them appear 10 or 20 years younger, or perhaps even more.

A popular fashion designer once said that at 20 nature gives you the face you have. At 30 life shapes the face you have while at 50 you get the face you deserve. This claim was derived from the fact that the kind of life you live significantly determines what you look like. However, this claim can be viewed to be true and false depending on how you view what you deserve.

One of the factors that affect our appearance as we grow is our genetic makeup. As you grow, your genetic composition from inheritance significantly affects the kind of skin you have. Our genes affect the type of skin color and texture we will have thus you will have some individuals with thicker skin than others or darker skin than others. However, other than genetic composition, the kind of things you consume as you get older  can also affect your appearance.

The aging process cannot be completely understood since it differs from individual to individual. For instance, the development of wrinkles on our face is highly influenced by the movement of your facial muscles. If you normally use the muscles between your eyebrows to make facial expression you are likely to develop wrinkles on this area.

The other factor that leads to the wrinkling of the skin is the gravitational pull. As you get older and older your skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag due to gravity. Unless you do something to your skin to restore its elasticity, you will always have sagging skin since gravity cannot be avoided.

However, the good news is that the 21st century technology has a lot to offer when it come to beauty enhancement. There are various ways that can help you have the kind of appearance you are looking for without going to a lot of trouble or expense.

How To Look Decades Younger Without Plastic Surgery

Before And After Wrinkle CreamThe best way to deal with wrinkles and sagging skin is by the use of skin care products offered by

Skin Renews is a beauty company based in Maryland, USA that deals with all kind of skin care creams, anti aging products, skin lightening creams and general moisturizers and toners.

All products in the Skin Renew collection are made by Tonique Skin Care, a company that has been dealing with beauty products for over a decade. Their products have been proven to be safe and high quality since they have satisfied a huge customer base from all over the world, for many years, with nothing but good reviews.

Skin Renew have numerous positive testimonials from the previous customers which guarantees you maximum satisfaction from the use of the anti aging products sold here.
The collection is stocked with all kind of creams suitable for treating various types of skin and different skin conditions, especially dealing with making skin look healthier, and younger.

These products contain natural ingredients that nourish the skin as well as facilitating collagen production which helps to restore your skin to its optimum condition. If you have wrinkles you can use their tightening cream which will stop the wrinkling and sagging of the skin as well boosting cells turn over to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Renew products contain all natural ingredients thus do not pose any threat to your health, and are FDA approved and made in the USA. Some of the active ingredients are retinol, green tea and white tea extracts, along with many other botanical extracts and nutrients as well as space age chemicals, the best and latest technology, and the highest quality ingredients possible, yet still at a very affordable price.

The creams also contain antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and B 2 which are good in reducing skin inflammation, and when used in the recommended way, can work wonders on your skin, and make you look decades younger, practically overnight, or within a few weeks.

How To Buy

To buy these amazing anti aging products just visit the site and click on the Skin Renews collection button in the top menu, (or that link I just gave), and you will directed to a page where you can make your purchase safely and conveniently by credit card.

They will ship your package to your door step within a few weeks depending on your location on the globe, and before you know it, you’ll look amazing. If you wish to know more about which products to use and how to use them for best possible results, you can contact our support team by sending an email to [email protected], who will give you personalized, expert advice.

How To Maintain Youthful Looking Skin

Youthful skinAs you continue to become older, aging signs usually starts to show, but there are many things you can do about it, as I will explain here.

Facial wrinkles are some of the first aging signs that usually show up. If you do not take care of your face, wrinkles tend to develop much faster.

Here you are going to learn some basic tips that can help you to take care of your skin to slow down the development of wrinkles on the face.

Keep your face clean

Washing your face regularly to remove dirt and other toxins that could damage the skin cells is vital in ensuring that you maintain healthy skin. However, avoid applying too much pressure when washing your skin since the facial skin is usually delicate and too much pressure could end up damaging the cells.

Too much pressure can also make your skin stretch resulting in a wrinkled and sagging skin. It is recommended that you handle your facial skin like a soft fabric to ensure no damage will occur to your small blood vessels and skin cells.


Just like any other body organ, your skin also needs some exercises so that it can remain strong and healthy. You can spare about 15 minutes of stretching your skin so that you can enhance the strength of facial muscles that are usually responsible for preventing the skin from over stretching. Exercises help to tighten the facial muscles, thus making it resistant to gravitational pull and other environmental factors which makes facial skin to sag.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight has UV rays which can destroy skin cells and cause aging and fine lines if you expose them for too long to direct sunlight. Try and wear a hat and sunglasses if you intend to spend quality time in the sun. It is also advisable you wear sunscreen cream and long sleeved clothing to prevent your body skin from getting damaged also.

Keep your skin hydrated

Hydrating skinKeeping your skin hydrated is vital to ensure that you maintain a fresh and young looking complexion.

There are several ways of maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin. You need to keep the entire body hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water throughout the day.

It is usually recommended that you take about 8 to 10 glasses a day depending on the condition of your body. You can also have a body steaming at a sauna or spa. Body steaming causes the pores to open and let the sweat pass through which keeps the body hydrated.

The other effective way of keeping a hydrated skin is by using the right moisturizers such as those sold by  Their Moisturizing Even Skin Toner is one of the great products made by Skin Renew that can help you to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

This product also plays a great role in controlling and stopping breakout for oily skins. Moisturizing Even Skin Toner is also very effective in nourishing and hydrating the skin to promote the increased production of collagen, which plays a role in tightening.

Eat healthy foods

Eating a healthy diet is also a great way of maintaining a young looking and attractive skin. Ensure that your meals contain healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables but try and avoid processed foods, sugars, and fats. Try and reduce coffee, tea and soda intake, and instead try and drink plain water when you feel thirsty.

Processed foods usually accelerate aging by damaging cells, inducing inflammation and triggering free radicals. Also, avoid other poor habits such as smoking and alcoholism since they also contribute in accelerating the aging process.

Use of anti aging creams

Anti-aging creams are skin care creams designed specifically to slow the aging process. The different products in the Skin Renew collection can be very effective in turning back the clock by tightening, toning, exfoliating, and color correcting, and if you use the right products as recommended, the results will blow you away.

To browse products offered by Skin Renew click the shop skin care collection tab in the menu and you will be directed to a page that has all the right creams containing the highest quality ingredients, FDA approved and made in the USA.

If you get stuck in choosing the right product(s) for your unique skin you can contact the support team by sending an email to [email protected] and you will get personalized advice from skin care experts. The Skin Renews support team is composed of professionals who can give you great advice on how to choose the right anti aging products for your skin.

Best Skin Whitening Treatment

Bleach Your Skin WhiteChemical treatments and home remedies are two different methods of skin whitening treatments that you can use yourself at home. However, the effects of home remedies take a prolonged period for it to show up, and some of the chemical treatments can have side effects, so you need to know exactly what chemicals to use.

Vegetables and fruits such as lemon juice are the most common ingredients used in home remedies and its effects take a long time to work, if they ever work at all, unlike chemical treatments that are more effective at bleaching the skin white, or gradually lighter in stages.

Chemical Skin Whitening Treatment

Tonique Skin Care is a chemical skin whitening product that is efficient and also safe to use and has been around the in the online market for almost a decade. Their products have satisfied millions of customers globally and have been in use for many years, so it has been proven to be safe and side effect free, while also being very effective.

Their products only uses the safest ingredients like Sepiwhite FSH, arbutin, glycolic acid and many more thus have no side effects on to your skin.

 The results are astounding, and the whitening effect of the chemical ingredients in the Tonique skin care products can be visibly seen in just a short period.

You can count that the company is reliable, and it is based in Maryland, USA. Also, it is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration therefore when buying the products you do not need any prescription. These products are sold online and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Each person’s skin varies, and chemical treatment reaction to the skin differs consequently. To get customized treatment or advices for your skin condition contact the support team of the company at [email protected].

For certain conditions like birth marks, hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, acne, scars and freckles. It is highly recommended that you send your present photo to the support team of their company to get real results, product usage direction and expert advice


One good feature of the company’s website is that you can chat with them online for doubts and questions or clarifications.

 There are so many Hollywood celebrities who are avid users of the chemical skin whitening treatment product since they give them self-confidence and even look more attractive on stage.

The Highest Quality Skin Whitening Treatment

Package DealSo wrap things up, this article is made to inform you about the safest no side effect skin whitening treatment available on the market today.

It is better to use a chemical skin lightening treatment in comparison with home remedies because it has faster results than home remedies which are mild and take too long for the results to be visible.

Reliability is the word to describe Tonique’s products because it is proven to be safe and effective. The chemical products used are FDA approved and are only using natural ingredients. The company has been successful and has been in the business for many years with a proven track record. To get useful tips and information, like them on their company’s Facebook page.

It is also very important you ensure that you have bought your products from the official site to avoid falling into the trap of black market products and knock offs. Most black market products are usually sub-standard thus do not meet the required safety standard hence very dangerous.

The other products to avoid are those that contain hydroquinone and mercury as their major bleaching agents. These ingredients pose a very imminent health risk such as certain type of skin cancer, as well as ochronosis, a thickening and bruising of the skin. If you buy from a trusted brand like Tonique, there’s no problem.

How To Reduce Forehead Wrinkles

Glycolic Acid Peeling LotionThere are several aging indications, but the most prominent and first to appear on the skin is wrinkles. These lines appear in the form of smile lines, laugh lines, and worry lines that appear on the forehead when you raise your eyebrows.

However, you do not have to worry as the products mentioned below will help you reduce these wrinkles, perhaps even get rid of them all together, at least when you don’t have your eyebrows raised.

One of the ways is to remove the outer skin layer and expose the new, younger looking skin cells below. A good chemical peel and creams for exfoliating the dead skin make this possible.

One of the chemicals used for removing the dead skin is glycolic acid, used in a chemical peeling lotion made by Skin Renews. It helps to discard the dead skin cells skillfully. You will probably have to peel off the skin manually to draw out the new and younger skin.

Do note that you ought to do this on a holiday when you are not in the mood of going out. The after effect of this treatment results in something similar to a temporary sunburn without the redness.

This results in new and younger skin cells, which you can then revitalize further with the other products in the Skin Renews collection. Moisturize your new skin to nourish it further. This moisturizing stimulation will help produce collagen. You can use moisturizing products available on the site.

Besides, you will also find ingredients like mango, avocado oil, cucumber, retinol, vitamins, E, C, B6, and similar ingredients present in the creams available on this website. All these components offer miraculous results in improving the look of your skin.

With a considerable increase in the technology of anti aging over the past few decades, the usage of new and improved products provides us with better results. Each and every product present on this website will help you get your youth look back similar to that in a facelift, a botox, or any other cosmetic operation related to this procedure.

The Skin Renews collection is made by Tonique Skin Care, an American company based in Maryland, USA, with over a decade of experience in the skin care industry. All products are completely safe and FDA approved.

How To Proceed

To learn about the product range, you can simply click on the Skin Renew collection button present on the menu. But to receive personal assistance how to choose and buy the right products, it is recommended that you talk to the customer care support. You might want a particular result for your skin that you can get through personal help present on this site.

Feel free to contact the support team by visiting the contact page of the site. You can send an email to [email protected] to get personalized advice on how to make your skin look years younger using the right combination of the products on the site. It would also help if you could attach your personal picture to help the experts understand the condition of your skin better.

With your approval, the website owners could use your picture for helping other people understand the unbelievable results after using the products, before and after. The after image is usually taken at least one or two months later to offer satisfying results.

With the help of these products, you can reduce or remove the wrinkles present on your forehead. For the ones who have them in excess, it will at least, be able to reduce those crease lines to a certain extent.

This usually depends on the depth, but it is all worth it for sure, as it only costs as much as a cup of coffee a day. Feel free to check out all the products and seek advice from the experts on this site to get the best possible results. You will surely look younger and more attractive within no time.

Anti Aging And Skin Whitening Creams Versus Plastic Surgery

Skin Whitening and Anti Aging CreamsIt is every person’s wish to have a beautiful and attractive appearance and if you want to look better or younger, one of the ways you can enhance your beauty is by adopting various methods such as skin care creams and possibly plastic surgery to improve your appearance.

You can improve your complexion in various ways by having plastic surgery, but sometimes treating your skin with certain products can be almost as effective, making going under the knife unnecessary in many cases.

Modern anti aging creams can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly, and lightening chemicals can reduce dark circles under the eyes, age spots and other imperfections or signs of aging.

Medical complications

Plastic surgery is just like any other surgery thus it has numerous risks of medical complications, and many people who see what is actually done to their body while unconscious would never go through with it, as it can be very brutal and painful.

Some of the plastic surgery risks include excessive bleeding, numbness from possible nerve damage, death of body tissues, seroma or collection of fluid around the area being operated on and bruising.

Deep vein thrombosis and blood clots are other possible plastic surgery complications. All the complications that I have mentioned are potentially life threatening, and if it goes wrong, it may be impossible to ever look like a normal human being, ever again.

To avoid going through such a risky process, you can opt for skin whitening or anti aging creams since they do not pose any risk as long as you have used the right product and followed the appropriate procedure, and unless you are trying to change the structure of your face, they can do the job, and make most people look better.

Application of skin care creams at home is very simple thus anybody can handle it comfortably, and it costs no more than a cup of coffee a day to maintain a more even, lighter, more youthful skin tone.

You only have to follow simple basic instruction when applying the creams, but be sure to go for the highest quality products, such as those made by Tonique Skin Care, an American company with over a decade of experience.

Appearance or Results

Plastic surgery can leave you with thick red scars commonly referred to as hypertonic scars. These scars do not fade away; thus they are not easy to hide. You can also develop bruises on the face a short period after operation. You may also develop a sagging skin around the surgical area. It also happens that most individual do not get the results they were expecting since the whole operation was carried out by another individual.

Skin lightening creams, on the other hand, allows you to control how your appearance changes. You can determine how white your skin become by managing the how you apply the creams. Since treating your skin with creams does not tamper with your facial arrangement there is no chance of being disfigured. If it happens that you do not like your new look, it is easy to restore your initial look. You will only have to stop applying the creams, and your skin will develop new cells thus it returns to the initial condition.


Most plastic surgeries are very expensive thus not affordable by an average income earner. The costs of plastic surgery include hospital fee, surgical fee and anesthetic fee along other minor expenses and usually add up to tens of thousands of dollars. After surgery, expenses are also very high and you can’t work for at least a week, depending on the operation, thus making the whole process to be very expensive.

When it comes to skin lightening or anti aging creams, you will find that prices are very fair, only a few dollars a day at most. In fact, due to the rise in competition most companies have taken all the necessary actions that will help them offer their products at a fair price to stay competitive.

Fair prices have made it possible even for average income earner to afford skin lightening creams. However, you should be careful with very cheap skin care products since they might not meet the standards required for them to work efficiently.

Here I recommend Tonique Skin Care products, (there’s a link to the site in the sidebar), since they are offered at a fair price and have been confirmed to be very effective. They are also made in the USA, and fully FDA approved, safe and side effect free.

On Tonique skin care official website you will find a wide range of skin care creams to choose from. Tonique offers a package deal at a discount that helps you to save a lot.

Plastic surgery requires that you spend some time without getting involved in your daily activities so that you can heal and recover from the surgical procedure. This wastes time and opportunities, and it is also frustrating. However, this is not the case with skin lightening creams. The process of treating your skin with skin lightening creams does not interfere with your daily program at all.

You can continue with you daily activities comfortably, and you will still achieve great results. All you need is to observe minor precaution such as avoiding too much dirt and prolonged exposure to UV rays since they might affect the results you will get.

The History Of Skin Whitening And Skin Bleaching

Japanese WhiteningIf you think that skin whitening is a new thing in today’s society, then you would be wrong. You will be surprised to hear that skin lightening can be dated back to prehistoric times.

It is believed ancient people were extremely affected by harsh weather thus they did everything possible to ensure that they continued to survive.

Lack of accommodation made them develop a strong and tough skin to fight the harsh weather conditions. Despite all these condition, the ancient people were about the need for taking care of their skin.

In prehistoric times, the need for skin care was to relief pain caused by the harsh weather. However, today skin whitening is usually meant to improve one’s look. The following are some following are some of the reasons that can make you go for skin whitening.

If you are a dark-skinned person, then you might want to lighten your skin if you hate your dark skin. Most individuals especially black Americans lighten their skin so that they can get looks almost similar to their fellow white Americans.

Cultural Perceptions

Two FaceThere is a public notion that light skin makes you more attractive and smart than dark skinned individuals. This one of the major reason as to why celebrities whiten their skin since it allows them to retain their popularity.

It does not mean that black people cannot become celebs, but statistics shows that the number of light skin celebs is higher than dark skinned celebs, and that lighter skinned black people seem to make better numbers.

You can also lighten your skin to treat unpleasant skin conditions such hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. White people also use skin lightening creams to get rid of black spots on their skin. It can be frustrating to have black spots all over your body thus you can decide to work for a fair skin tone by applying the skin lightening creams on the dark spots or the entire body.

Having an even skin tone makes you have a piece of mind thus enabling you to perform excellently in your daily activities. People with light skin have a strong self-esteem and confidence since they already know that the society recognizes and appreciates them.

The facts that no one is resistant to aging, individuals are always looking for ways to retaining their youthful look. One of the ways that you can maintain an attractive and youthful look is by using skin care creams that contain anti-aging components.

Where To Find Quality Products

Some of the products that can help attain your goal are those sold by Tonique Skin Care, an American company that has been selling quality products online for over a decade. See the sidebar for the link. Tonique Skin Care products contain hydroxyl acids, bearberry extract, and vitamin C ingredients that are very efficient anti-aging components.

Tonique is a highly reputable company that has been dealing in skin care products for more than 20 years. They have a broad range of skin care products to fit a wide customer range. You can contact them via [email protected] to get more information about their products. You can also chat with their representative via chat box available on their official website


Skin whitening creams are cheap and easy to apply thus making the whole skin process to be enjoyable. You are only required to follow the instructions that come with the creams and wait for wonders to happen.

Although skin whitening is a simple process, you need to ensure that you have chosen the right products and followed the instructions properly for you to achieve the desired results. Different skins reacts differently to skin lightening creams; thus you should ensure that you have chosen the right creams for your skin. You should never undergo skin lightening surgery, or trust claims about taking pills orally, or intravenously, and you should watch out for creams containing mercury and hydroquinone.

If you have a problem in determining the right creams for your skin you can seek assistance from your supplier. Companies like Tonique recommends that you to send them your recent photo so that they can be able to recommend the best creams for your skin. You can also provide other necessary details such as the way your skin react to different lotions and creams for better evaluation and decision making.

Anti Aging Skin Brightening And Renewing Creams

Skin RenewsAging is something that we cannot avoid since it’s a natural thing that everyone must face, however, we can alter how we look on the outside, no matter how old we are on the inside.

One of the common ways of reversing the aging signs is by using anti aging products such as those sold on

There are so many products on today’s market that are said to produce excellent results. Unfortunately, most of the information available on the internet today is not always true, or verifiable.

Some of the products offered on the internet today pose a great danger to their users since they contain harmful ingredients that aren’t FDA approved. There are ways that you can use to tell a genuine product and a harmful product. Here I am going to provide some tips that will help you choose the right anti aging product.


The experience of the supplier is the first thing you should check before buying your skin care creams and lotions. An experienced supplier must have been in business for a considerable period that will have allowed them to gain adequate experience. This is the main reason you should trust products recommended here since Skin Renew is a side company of a huge American company known as Tonique Skin Care, that has been in business for over a decade selling FDA approved skin creams online.

Tonique Skin Care products have been proven to be effective and efficient since they have satisfied millions and millions of customers worldwide. Customer satisfaction and support has played a great role in the existence of Tonique Skin Care for a long time, and now they have moved into the anti-aging market, using what they’ve learned from the skin lightening niche.

FDA Approved products

FDA is a regulation board that ensure that all consumer goods are safe. Using FDA approved products guarantees you quality and safety. Since skin renews is an American company, their products are always FDA approved thus meet all the required standards. Using products that have not been tested and approved by a regulation board poses an imminent danger to your health. Thus it is crucial that you ensure all the health products you intend to use have been tested by the appropriate authorities.

Direct sales

Buying your products directly from your supplier is always a great advantage since you reduce the chances of falling into the traps of conmen who are over the internet. Today the internet has become a worldwide portal that consists of legal and illegal vendors. Hence, it is critical that you purchase your products directly from the people who make the products, and know the most about how they work. On this site you will find a tab that directs you to our sales page where you can make your purchase safely, and there’s a contact page as well where you can talk to the expert support team.

Natural products

When it comes to health natural products are your best friends. Natural ingredients do not result in any side effects thus they safe for human use. All the anti-aging and exfoliation creams and lotions sold on this site contain only natural ingredients thus very consumer friendly. Glycolic acid for instance, is the main ingredient in the exfoliating lotions and it has been tested and confirmed to be very effective and safe.

Online support

If your vendor offers online customer support, it is a clear indication that they value you as their client. Skin renews has an exceptional support team that is always there to ensure that all your issues have been attended to without undergoing a huge trouble. You can contact the support team by sending an email to [email protected] or clicking on the chat box on the official site