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Celebrities Who Have Bleached Their Skin White

Beyonce Before And After Skin BleachingAre you wondering which Hollywood celebrities have undergone skin whitening, because you are a fan, and you want to know whether your favorite pop star or actor has bleached his or her skin white?

As days goes by, most media platforms are trying to come up with new ways of attracting more fans. Some of the ways that these media platforms seek attention from the public is by providing gossip about the most famous individuals in the world.

Most of this gossip or in other words rumors are usually untrue, but often where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

 This post will focus on the celebrities who have “allegedly” bleached their skin. The information provided here has been acquired through intensive research from reliable sources, thus it is nothing like gossip, at all.

Rihanna Before And AfterBeyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna are some of the celebrities that I have conclusive proof that they have lightened their skin. However, I have been researching further to find out whether there are more Hollywood stars that have bleached their skin white.

Michael Jackson is the other Hollywood star known by most individuals to have whitened his skin to treat a condition known as vitiligo.

Nicki MinajUnfortunately, the prescription cream he used contained a dangerous ingredient known as hydroquinone, which is still prescribed by some doctors, even though long term use has been shown to have terrible side effects.

When looking for skin whitening creams, it’s crucial that you go for those that contain reliable ingredients. Skin lightening creams containing dangerous ingredients such as hydroquinone can result in adverse side effects, thus should be avoided at all costs.

Celebs that have lightened their skin

Lil' Kim Before And AfterLil Kim is another celeb who have bleached her skin, according to photos showing the before and after effects of using skin lightening creams, which are fairly hard to deny, unless she’s a black woman doing a white face with makeup. As a fan is up to you to judge which look is better, before bleaching or after bleaching, and remember that she is a bit older on the recent photo.

By comparing the photos, you can notice the transformation that could make you think that the photos are from different people. In the recent photo, she looks prettier even with the makeup.

Tempest Bledsoe Before And After Skin BleachingDo you remember Tempest Bledsoe from the popular Cosby show? She played a kid role in this show.

She is the other famous celeb that has lightened her skin. She has lighter skin on her recent photos than she used to look on the show, an excellent proof of skin lightening.

In fact, when she started appearing on red carpet events people were surprised by how white she looked.

Tamar BraxtonTamar Braxton, a songwriter, singer, reality TV star and actress is another celeb that we cannot forget to include in our list. Tamar publicly confirmed that she had vitiligo, the same skin condition that Michael Jackson had, thus she had to lighten her skin to get rid of the large white patches.

She went ahead and reminded the public that skin issues are very sensitive thus it is hard to talk about them especially in public.

Trina McGeeThe other celeb who has completely transformed her look is actress Tina McGee. Her before and after skin whitening photos confirms how efficient the skin lightening creams can be. The light skin makes her look very different from what she used to look like before.

Most of the celebrities who have whitened their skin are African American, the white celebs do not need to use skin lightening creams to get lighter skin.

However, there are several reasons that could make a white skinned person use skin lightening creams such as to eliminate black spots that normally appear on the skin of white people.

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Can You Bleach Your Dark Skin White?

How To Bleach Your Dark Skin WhiteThere are numerous people all over the world who for different reason wish to have a lighter skin. Skin whitening is a simple process that has been practiced for a long time with great success.

In earlier years, skin whitening was associated with famous individuals only, but it has become a common thing nowadays. There are several ways in which you can change your skin, however some of the treatments are not easily affordable by the average person.

There are many varieties of skin whitening products online, but you have to be careful to choose the right product when purchasing anything that alters your skin.

The internet is a global portal where you can find almost anything you wish to buy. Some of the creams on the market are not safe for use thus should be avoided by all means.

Some of the chemicals you should avoid are mercury and hydroquinone, any product that is meant to be taken orally, or injected.

The only products that you can trust are those using chemicals that have been used successfully for years like alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, and sepiwhite FSH, such as those sold by Tonique Skin Care. Tonique’s products have been used for many years around the world by people with many different skin types and conditions with no negative results.

Arbutin, glycolic acid and sepiwhite FSH are some of the active ingredients found in Tonique Skin Care products. These ingredients are FDA approved thus do not pose any health risks to their users.

 The company is based in Maryland USA, and have sold to thousands of people around the world through their site over the last decade and longer.

You can apply skin lightening cream if you have a yellow, red, brown, or patchy uneven skin to change it to a uniform light skin tone, of varying degrees, depending on how much and how often you apply the products. Skin lightening is a gradual process that requires patience and commitment. You might notice a slight change during the first days of your skin treatment, however significant results can only be seen after several weeks.

The good news is that you can control how white your skin becomes by regulating the amount and the rate of cream’s application. If you do not like the white or lighter skin, you can stop applying the cream, and your skin will return to its original color. The frequency of the times you use the cream determines how quickly your skin will change to a lighter tone.

It is advisable that you choose the skin products you will use carefully so that you can achieve the desired results more efficiently. You should go for the right brand that has a high reputation other than choosing another lower quality product that is offered at a lower price.

There are so many products available online that do not yield good results or have adverse side effects. Some of these faulty products contain dangerous ingredients that can harm your skin especially if used for a long period.

Some of the products that you should avoid are those that contain mercury and hydroquinone. The products containing these ingredients have been proven to cause terrible side effects which include a certain type of cancer.

There are other companies that make claims that you can lighten skin your skin by taking an injection or swallowing pills. These claims are not only ridiculous but also very risky since none of these methods works. These companies just have the intention of taking your money without caring about your health.

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