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Choosing The Right Product To Make Your Skin Lighter

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that has attracted a large number of players. Every day companies continue pushing hard into the market to ensure that their products have taken a place in this industry.

However, as we all know every business has its shortcoming thus, we should take care before we engage in any activity. In the beauty industry, for example, not all products in the market can be trusted. Most of the beauty products out there can either give the results you want or cause you harm.

Choosing the right products can be a headache since there are so many options to choose from. However, too many products should not stop you from going on with the skin lightening process. You only need to take caution when buying your products and the whole process will be successful. In this article, I am going to give you tips that can help you make the best choice when buying the skin lightening creams.

Check out for those products from highly reputable companies. Some companies such Tonique skin care has satisfied their clients for over a decade by offering high-quality, natural skin lightening products. Check for testimonials and customers reviews on social media and other medical sites to find out how other customers feel about the product you intend to buy.

The number of years a company has been in business can also be used to tell whether their products can be trusted. If a company has been operating for a considerable number of years, it’s a clear indication that their products have satisfied their previous clients. Old companies also are more likely to have sufficient experience and knowledge on the products they offer.

Try to avoid new products in the market since there is no evidence whether they are good or not. The intention of new players in the market cannot be determined easily thus the chances of falling into the trap of conmen are high.

The location of the company selling the skin care creams is the other factor that you should consider. You should only try out those products that have been made in areas that have strict regulation governing the health products.

Some of the products that you can trust are those sold by Tonique since they are FDA approved. Tonique is based in Maryland USA, selling products around the world for over a decade, thus it is subjected to FDA regulations. For more information about Tonique skin care products you can visit toniqueskincare.com

Never get tempted to try out black market products. Black market products are very tempting since they are normally offered at a cheaper price but I know you have heard cheap is expensive sometimes. Black market products are not governed by any rule thus you cannot tell whether they meet the required standards.

So How Do You Know What Company To Trust?

Skin whitening is different for every person due to the difference in the skin condition. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have gone for the best skin care creams for your skin. Most legitimate companies have a customer support program that helps their clients in determining the best skin lightening creams for their skin.

Tonique skin care, for example, has contacts sales@toniqueskincare.com which you can use to request for personalized information about skin whitening process. It is highly recommended that you send your recent photo to the support staff since it will help them to give a better advice on how you should proceed with the process.

You should understand that skin lightening is a gradual process; thus you need to be patient until results show up. However, it is crucial that you treat your skin with the right skin lightening creams for you to achieve the intended results more efficiently.

Safe Skin Whitening Treatments

skin whitening methodsFor many years now, people have whitened their skins through bleaching, and although that is not news, the methods used have changed.

Despite their effects being slow, some people prefer herbal or homemade skin lightening methods. In countries where regulations are less strict, people have been buying creams containing certain dangerous chemicals, which bleach skin faster although they have really negative side effects.

It is advisable to use natural bleaching products, or chemicals that have been approved by a regulation body such as the FDA, as they won’t affect the user’s skin.

When choosing a brand, make sure it does not contain harmful chemicals such as mercury or hydroquinone, and you should never use a bleaching product if it involves swallowing pills.

Though we can’t name the companies who make products containing mercury for legal reasons, most of them originate from either Asia or Africa, and so it’s better to look for a brand made in the USA.

Hydroquinone is even found in creams available on a doctor’s prescription, although in many countries, all products containing that chemical are banned, as it has negative side effects such as bruising and thickening of the skin.

The Best Chemicals To Use

Tonique Skin Care manufacture well formulated skin bleaching products containing active ingredients such as arbutin and glycolic acid.

They use FDA approved chemicals which even when used for long periods do not affect the user’s health. These chemicals if used according to instructions are very effective, and work to gradually lighten the skin tone, with the effects being fully reversible, just by discontinuing use.

People have different skin tones which respond differently, as a result, the volume of bleaching chemicals applied and the method of application will vary from one person to the other.

The Tonique Skin Care products have no negative side effects; you can apply to your entire body until you achieve the desired results.

You should adhere to safety measures discussed on the site to minimize chances of the cream coming into contact with eyes since it’s a very powerful chemical cocktail, and it can affect your eyesight if you get a lot in eyes.

Apart from the eyes and other sensitive parts, you can apply the cream over the whole body, or just to one specific area such as the face or hands.

How To Apply Safely

First, you want to work out which part of the body you intend to bleach. If you have a dark skin tone, it is advisable to bleach the whole body to avoid having uneven skin with black and brown spots which would reveal how the cream was applied.

If you have a light skin tone, it is often unnecessary to apply the cream to the whole body, since the effects might not be as visible on you, so you can apply it to only the areas which need bleaching, such as to the area of a birthmark, or over the whole face to cover freckles.

In case you want to bleach the whole body, take care to avoid sensitive parts such as around the eyes and mucus membranes like the inside of the nose, it’s best to do those areas separately, so you can carefully apply up to the edges.

If your eyes come into direct contact with the bleaching cream, it is painful and irritating, and you should flush with water immediately, and in case your skin on any other part hurts when the cream is applied, you should not continue use, at least not on that area.

After applying the cream on your body, leave it for around thirty minutes or longer, you may see that the effects are visible immediately while for others, it may take a few days.

It is important to understand that the effects of the products on the Tonique site are not permanent. After skin cells die, they peel off and are replaced by new cells growing underneath, and the original dark skin re-appears again. To maintain the new skin color, it is advisable to reapply the bleaching cream after every three or four weeks, or earlier if you want to get a fully white skin color.

For effective bleaching products, which cover up spots and blemishes on your skin, or to lighten your dark skin color, visit the homepage or the product description pages and you will find everything you need for safe and effective skin bleaching at home.

The support team of Tonique Skin Care are easy to contact on sales@toniqueskincare.com if you have any questions on which products to buy, and how to apply them to get the results you’re looking for.

All Natural Skin Whitening

Natural Skin Whitening ProductsIt isn’t really a natural thing to do to whiten your skin, but it can be done using all natural ingredients. When you get right down to it, everything comes from nature, and if it didn’t, it would be super-natural.

I’m writing this post to promote this page on natural skin whitening on the main site. It talks about the best way to use the natural products sold on the site to bleach or whiten your skin in a safe and effective way.

That page still needs a bit of work, and I’m only linking to that one because I’ve already made many links to the home page of the site.

Basically, you should follow that link, but then make your way to the home page of the site, or take a look at the sidebar, and click on the photo link at the top, and that will take you straight to the home page of the site.

You can also click on the email link, and that will take you directly to an email on your main mail account, probably Gmail if you have that, with a letter partially written out for you with a subject, addressed to info@toniqueskincare.com.

You can ask the experts at the site whatever you want, like include some information about who you are, what type of skin you have, and why you want to whiten your skin.

Include a photo of yourself, and the area where you have a problem, or if it’s your whole skin color, a photo that shows what sort of skin tone you have all over.

Many people who use this type of natural skin whitening cream use it because they have blemishes on their skin such as freckles, age spots, liver spots, birthmarks, or something a bit more serious like hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation.

Other people simply use a skin whitening product because they have cultural reasons for wanting to appear whiter.

Often in high profile jobs such as being a television presenter or pop star, agents and producers in the show business industry will recommend that dark skinned people dye their skin white.

This is even more of a cultural thing in certain Asian countries, as it is a status symbol to have lighter skin in countries like China and India.

Resources For Skin Whitening

Whatever the reason you want to lighten your skin, you want to make sure that you do it properly, so here are some authority resources from medical journals and news sites:

The Topical Use Of Hydroquinone For Depigmentation (source: Journal of the American Medical Association).

On The Etiology Of Vitiligo And Grey Hair (source: The American Journal Of Medicine).

Liver Spots (source: Medline Plus).

Creams Offering Lighter Skin May Bring Risks (source: New York Times).