Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion – Review

Vaseline Skin Lightening CreamThis is s short review of a product I found on Amazon called Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion With Active Whitening System. It claims to give you noticeably whiter skin in two weeks.

It’s made by a company called Thai Cosmetics, and what it says about the active whitening system is that the product contains vitamin B, triple sunscreen, and yoghurt serum.

I haven’t tried this product myself, simply because it doesn’t seem to be listed on the main Vaseline website. The other thing is, the only way that the cream could possibly work is by stopping you getting a sun tan through the sunscreen.

Based on the small amount of information given on the active ingredients the lotion contains, it doesn’t seem to even have anything in it that could be seen as a legitimate skin whitening chemical.

Vitamin B is not a chemical which naturally causes lighter skin, that’s vitamin C that does that, and it really doesn’t have that much of an effect at all.

If you are looking for real results for a skin whitening cream, then you should forget about this scam of a product, claiming to be made by Vaseline, you can do no better than the Tonique skin whitening product range.

Simply visit the website, or visit the Facebook page, Skin Whitening Tips. There you can find informative articles that will explain more about how the whole process works, and why you should trust this brand above all others, due to the high quality, natural, safe and effective active ingredients used in the creams that are sold.

How To Tell A Legitimate Skin Whitening Product From A Scam

Whitening GelThis is a link to one of the products on the Tonique site, the Extra Strength Tonique 10x Intense Whitening Gel. It costs $99, a very fair price considering the cost of the active ingredients, the main one being arbutin.

It couldn’t be made for much cheaper, considering the carefully formulated recipe, which takes a lot of knowledge to produce, and the fact that it comes with quality 24/7 customer support to answer any questions you might have about applying the cream, potential side effects, what to do if you get it in your eyes, etc.

As with any company, there are costs involved, like it costs money to have me write this article, but the important thing is that the cream really works, and it doesn’t have any nasty side effects.

With the other fake Vaseline cream I mentioned above, and countless thousands of other skin whitening creams made by disreputable companies around the world, there are potentially any number of different things that can go wrong, for example, some terrible company was found out to be putting mercury in their skin lotions!

You can’t get much worse than that, they were deceiving their customers and almost killing them at the same time. There are brands out there on the worldwide internet market that make ridiculous claims, such as that swallowing a pill can make your skin white.

If it can actually turn you white, then I wouldn’t want to be taking those poison pills for too long, it could kill you. You don’t want to take an injection either, that’s even worse.

The bottom line is, Tonique is a trusted, legitimate company specializing in skin whitening, while this fake Vaseline lightening lotion is nothing but a forgery, snake oil sold by rip-off artists. Trust the experts, and beware of imitations.