What To Look For In Skin Lightening Creams

Lighten your skinHow to determine the best skin lightening product is one of the biggest challenges that most individuals who want to bleach their skin are facing. This mystery is as a result of the existence of numerous skin care products in the market, all of which claim to have the best available treatment.

Some of the skin care products out there can give great results but still there are those that pose a great danger to your health. It is, therefore, important that you take caution when buying your beauty products.

I am going to discuss some tips that can help you to choose the right products. Remember that skin whitening is a very sensitive process and you want to ensure that everything has been done accordingly.

Checking the ingredients of the product you want to use is the very first thing that you should do. You should ensure that the products contain effective and safe ingredients. Some of the ingredients to look for include



Vitamin C

 or ascorbic or citrus acid

Glycolic acid

Sepiwhite FSH

Kojic acid

The above ingredients are natural extracts or generally mild over the counter chemicals that have been tested over many years thus do not have any side effects. They were well researched, tested and confirmed to be very effective in providing a whitening effect that works gradually and can be maintained for long periods of time safely.

However, there are other products on the market that contain harmful ingredients that can harm your skin. Avoid any product containing hydroquinone and mercury as the active bleaching ingredients, and make sure the product is FDA approved.

Hydroquinone was widely used in many bleaching products before it started raising health issues. In fact, the introduction of arbutin in skin lightening creams was to replace hydroquinone that proved to be harmful. Some of the side effects of hydroquinone include a certain type of cancer, thickening and bruising of the skin.

Mercury is another bleaching ingredient found in some bleaching products that you should avoid. Prolonged use of products containing mercury can cause adverse health conditions such as poor psychological characteristics.

The other skin lightening products to avoid are the ones requiring you to swallow a pill or take an injection. Any product requiring you to swallow a pill or take an injection may contain harmful chemicals that might end up putting your health at risk.

Tonique Skin Care

In this article, I am going to recommend Tonique skin care products for reasons stated above, and below. You can find the link to the site in the right sidebar.

Tonique is based in Maryland USA, and has been around for over a decade selling their products to people around the world,  thus it’s subjected to FDA regulations. This guarantees you that Tonique skin care products meet the required standards thus they are safe and effective. Products produced in countries that do not have strict regulations cannot be trusted since there is no way of determining how safe or effective they are.

Tonique has been dealing in skin care products for over a decade a clear indication that they have adequate experience of developing high-quality products. The long existence also proves that the clients are satisfied with their products and continue to use them to maintain the effects.

The reviews and testimonials by the previous customers confirm that their products are very effective. You can visit their social media pages to check out how their previous customers feel about their products.

Tonique has a great system to help their customers’ access their skin lightening information and products easily. To buy their skin care products just visit toniqueskincare.com and choose the products that suit your needs. They also offer an option where you can buy a full package of their products at a lower price.

You can also request for any personalized information from Toniques support team by contacting them via sales@toniqueskincare.com. Some of the issues that might require special inquiry include sensitive skin conditions and anyone engaging in skin lightening for the first time.

 It may be helpful to attach a photo of yourself to get the best possible advice on which products to use and how to use them.

Note that you need to be very responsible for you to realize excellent results. You need to maintain the skin whitening creams routine because if you stop applying the cream your skin will start reversing to its original color. The good thing is that you can control how white your skin becomes you can have pure white skin or fairly light skin, or limit the effects to your face or hands.