8 Experiential Wedding Gifts

As the world slowly reopens after more than a year of Covid quarantine mandates, many brides and grooms are eager to get out of their homes, to try new things and to revisit pastimes.

Instead of kitchen items that will never get used or tchotchkes that take up space, now is the time for family and friends to gift experiences, whether they be vacations or neon-sign-making classes or even a wellness-clinic membership.

The following experiential gift ideas come from four experts who are well versed in the sorts of activities and endeavors that newlyweds appreciate most. These presents can create memories, inspire new hobbies and give couples the chance to have more quality time.

Tara Lewis

Ms. Lewis is a trend expert at Yelp, an online directory and app used to search and review local businesses.

“Not only do you have the opportunity to learn about fragrances and the important role that scent plays in our lives and for our memories, but you also get to go home with a custom-designed scent that you and your partner can enjoy. As a bonus, the fragrance will always remind you of the special newlywed phase of your life.”

Individual 50mL Perfume Creation 2-hour Workshop, $50 per person

“Glass blowing classes are exciting because the process of creating your own art by use of open flames is exhilarating for first-timers. Couples can expect to use various torches with instruction provided at every point along the way. For a modernized twist on an ancient art form, you can create your own neon signs for your newlywed abode.”

Glass Blowing and Neon Sign Creation, $250, plus a $15 booking fee and $1,100, plus a $18.60 booking fee, per person

Sara Margulis

Ms. Margulis is the chief executive and a founder of Honeyfund, a honeymoon and gift registry website.

“One of the biggest stressors in a relationship is chores, so why not eliminate that entirely for the newlyweds by giving them a few months of house cleaning services? No more arguing over who mopped the floors last is a win in my book.”

Handy Home Cleanings; $455 for five 3-hour sessions

“Things like indoor skydiving and other out-of-the box experiences are a fun way for newlyweds to bond. Plus, adrenaline rushes can increase attraction, so encourage them to forgo dinner and a movie for something a little more exciting.”

iFly Gift Card, $25 to $500

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Giannina Milady Gibelli

Ms. Gibelli is a cast member of “Love Is Blind: Season 1” and “Love Is Blind: After the Altar” on Netflix.

“Hire a magician. This brings out the kids in your couple like nothing else. For the couple that likes to have fun, surprise them with a stranger at their home pulling money, and anything else from under their noses.”

Private Magic Show, prices vary by location and individual entertainers, but can begin at about $250 per show and include tricks ranging from mind-reading to fire-eating.

“Hire a chef. It’s sophisticated, simple and sexy. Nothing else screams, ‘happy marriage’ like neither partner being responsible for dinner and the bill.”

Take A Chef Gift Card, $300 to $500

Melissa Mash

Ms. Mash is a founder and the chief executive of Dagne Dover, a performance-based accessories brand.

“Unlimited luxury vacations for a month. As someone who loves to stay in interesting vacation homes instead of resorts, and as someone who has a flexible work-from-anywhere schedule, I think of Inspirato as the ultimate gift for the honeymoon month.”

Inspirato Pass, $2,500 per month, plus a $2,500 enrollment fee

“I would love a year of holistic functional medicine. Going to the doctor may seem unsexy, but a year of wellness through functional medicine care is absolutely sexy — especially if one has medical ailments that conventional medicine hasn’t been able to address.”

Parsley Health Membership, $1,850 per year per person

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