Bianca Saunders Men’s Fall 2021

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British men’s wear designer Bianca Saunders’ fall 2021 collection was influenced by photography from Man Ray, and stretched fabric imagery by Erwin Wurm, while Jean Cocteau’s experimental film “The Blood of a Poet” inspired her minute-long fashion film “Superimposed.”

The Look: Her designs stir a touch of sensitivity and playfulness into traditional men’s wardrobe staples, achieving a comfortable balance between femininity and masculinity.

Quote of note: “My main aim for the brand was to create that balance. You get the really over masculine guy and effeminate guy existing in the same world. Even the pieces can be seen as slightly more feminine. I think this is how I create the energy that brings something different, and more things to the men’s wear conversation.”

Bianca Saunders Men's Fall 2021

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Standout pieces: Creased sweaters and shirts. A tuxedo jacket and a workwear shirt with a sunken-in shoulder design. An oversized bomber jacket with a shorter back. Her second collaboration with Wangler, featuring jeans, a tailored jacket, and twist-cut corduroy trousers printed with a blown-up image of creased jeans.

The takeaway: While the film has a surreal plot twist at the end, her design caters to a real and growing demand from a new breed of fashion consumers who are not afraid to embrace their vulnerability.

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