Bloke left dangling through ceiling after attempting to get Christmas tree out the loft… and it has his wife in stitches

A WOMAN has gone viral after she shared a clip of her husband falling through the ceiling as he attempted to get the Christmas tree down from the attic.

Tara Attwood, 43, from Birmingham wanted to put her Christmas decorations up earlier than usual so she sent her husband Scott, 53, into the attic to bring the items down. 

The support worker said the day had already ‘gone wrong’ – after their washing machine stopped working and her husband forgot to turn the kitchen tap off, causing a flood. 

Scott, a steel worker and driver, dramatically fell through the ceiling with his legs hanging down through his son’s bedroom and Tara captured the shocking moment. 

She shared the hilarious video on Facebook, writing: ‘So I sent the husband up in the loft to get the Christmas tree down…. wish I hadn’t bothered!’

The post instantly raked up over 3,300 likes and nearly 500 comments with strangers left in hysterics at the family’s festive nightmare. 

Tara said 2020 has been a difficult year with the effect of coronavirus so the family decided to embrace the Christmas spirit early. 

She said: "Once we got into November we noticed more and more people were putting their trees and decorations up so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and do the same. 

"All week, we were excited for the weekend to arrive so we could get the tree and lights out. 

"Saturday came and the plan was to get all house work done first and then operation 'decorate the house for Christmas' could get started.

"The first sign I realised the day wasn’t going to go smoothly was when the washing machine stopped working. However it was an easy fix as just a blockage! 

"Then Scott forgot to turn the kitchen tap off while the plug was still in the sink so the kitchen flooded. I thought today is not the day!"

Tara said they spent a lot of the day cleaning up water in the kitchen from the flood instead of decorating like she had planned. 

But a few hours later, Scott finally made it up to the loft so he could start passing the Christmas decorations down. 

However just moments later, he had an accident. 

All we heard was a big bang! I must have blinked and the next minute all I could see was Scott’s leg hanging out of our son's bedroom ceiling.

Tara added: "All we heard was a big bang! I must have blinked and the next minute all I could see was Scott’s leg hanging out of our son's bedroom ceiling. 

"I could not contain my laughter and the thought that he could be injured didn’t even cross my mind. I just wanted a photo of his leg as it looked hilarious! 

"The only person to show any concern was our 12-year-old son Rio who just kept asking his dad if he was OK."

Tara and Scott’s son Rio then contacted his nan and told her that his dad’s legs were hanging through his bedroom ceiling. 

Luckily Scott managed to use his strength to pull his legs out of the ceiling and only sustained minor injuries with some cuts and bruises from the fall. 

It was so funny that Tara decided to share the video online with fellow Facebook users.

She added: "Scott realised no one was concerned for his safety and he wasn’t getting any kind of help, so used his strength to pull his leg out of the ceiling.

"He quickly started making excuses about how he had tripped over! Family and friends were quick to comment on how funny it was.

"Scott’s dad even said it was luckily I wasn’t sitting on the sofa in the front room as all the dust and dirt would have fallen on me."

No money in the world could buy the laughter we and many other people have had because of this.

Tara then spent the rest of the day putting up the Christmas tree while her husband Scott and her eldest son Brooklyn cleared up the mess from the fall. 

The mother said she was shocked to see her post go viral on Facebook and said she was thrilled to hear strangers saying how much the video had made them laugh. 

She said some even admitted they hadn’t laughed so much in a long time while others tagged family and friends to pre-warn them about being cautious in their lofts. 

She said: "The comments kept coming so it was very difficult to keep up! 

"I’ve read things from 'hope you’ve not damaged your baubles' and 'Santa got stuck up the chimney whilst Scott got stuck up the loft.' 

"No money in the world could buy the laughter we and many other people have had because of this."

The hole in the ceiling has now been made safe and Scott has every intention of fixing it himself. 

Facebook users rushed to the comment section of the post to share their Christmas disasters. 

One wrote: "Mine threw ours down the steps from the attic and it hit me in the face as I walked past."

While another admitted a similar accident had happened to their family. She commented: "My ex-husband did exactly the same a few years ago. 

"Myself and the kids were just standing there laughing as both his legs were dangling through the ceiling. He also bruised and grazed himself, so we had to try & laugh quietly."

Meanwhile a third shared: "I did that about 16 year ago and you should have seen the state of my right leg from it."

Another stranger revealed: "The same happened to me, two days before my own wedding. Most of the flooring in the attic was apparently fixed, yet I found out the hard way it wasn't.

"The landlord apologised as I wouldn't ever try to walk on something that he swore was fixed and safe!"

While someone else said the best part about the whole thing was that Tara remembered to "grab the camera" as her way to help. 

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