Davi Paris Men’s Spring 2022

For Davide Marello, much can be said without uttering a single word. Take flowers, for example, which in centuries past had highly complex meanings attached to their species and hues.

“I was thinking about how obsessed we are with social media and how the way we communicate has changed. Some ways, like the language of flowers, have almost been lost,” he said at a preview, explaining that he juxtaposed it with sign language for the video as an homage to these delicate and poetic non-verbal languages.

In his collection, titled “The Man I Love,” the message he wanted to share through his bouquet of well-cut staples and jewelry designed in collaboration with designer Alican Icoz was “let’s live again,” laughing and loving to the full.

Davi Paris Men's Spring 2022

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Come next spring, one certainly could do worse than live in these silk shirts and flowing trousers printed with oil paintings of peonies; in the wisteria-embroidered tank tops and jackets; or even the blouson dressed in a geometric pattern with a flower at the center of each repeating motif.

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