Fake tan fan reveals simple but clever hack for getting more out the bottle when you think you’ve ran out

THERE'S nothing worse than thinking you've run out of fake tan midway through application, but what if we told you there's definitely more left in the bottle than you think?

One beauty fan has revealed a simple yet clever trick that is guaranteed to give you that extra bit of tan for when you need it most.

TikTok user Sophie Hogg (@xsophabellax) shared a how-to video, that has now been watched over 200k times online, that shows you exactly how to use the little bit of liquid the bottle pump can no longer pick up.

"Girls when you think you've run out of tan you haven't," she revealed.

Sophie was seen unscrewing the pump top to her fake-tan bottle and pouring the last remaining bit into the lid.

She then positioned the pump directly into the tan and pressed down – instantly giving her extra mousse to apply to her skin.

"Thank me later," she teased, as thousands liked her post and hundreds commented excited to try out the trick for themselves.

One person tagged their pal and wrote: "You need to try this," while another said: "My new fave life hack."

A third wrote: "I'm trying this when I run out."

Fellow beauty fans were also going crazy for the budget tan Sophie had used in her video – the Marbella Glow Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse that costs just only £2.99.

"Best tan I ever tried and that is the truth absolutely amazing," posted one person.

Another fake tan fan said: "This is the tan I use the whole time from Lidl, it's literally the best."

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