Hilary Duff’s Trainer Alissa Tucker Reveals How She Keeps The Star From Getting Too Muscular

Strength training can be one of the best workouts but some are hesitant to try because they want to avoid ‘bulking up.’ AKT’s Alissa Tucker reveals how she helps her client Hilary Duff stay lean & strong!

Stars are flocking to Alissa Tucker‘s AKT studio in New York City, and her longtime clients like Hilary Duff, Alicia Keys and Nicole Scherzinger are proof that her method works! AKT combines dance cardio with strength and toning, and Alissa’s focus on muscular endurance rather than hypertrophy helps clients stay lean while getting strong. “We utilize low weight high rep exercises and alternate between strength and cardio intervals. Sometimes we use up to 8 lb-10 lb weights, others we use bands, medicine balls, physio balls, a towel or body weight only exercises,” Alissa explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “Contrary to what some still believe, lifting weights and strength training, even with 8-10 lb weights, will not lead to hypertrophy or make you bulk. In order to achieve muscular hypertrophy you would need to do much more reps using heavier weights.”

At AKT, the programming is updated every three weeks so clients never plateau and follows an interval-based structure, “which is the most efficient and effective way to train your body,” Alissa explained. “We utilize a variety of fitness modalities so you truly get everything you need in one place. And we take the guesswork out of it so all you have to do is show up, sweat and have a great time, because ultimately in order to stick to a fitness routine it has to be both effective and FUN!” the trainer said. She recommended people to do AKT six days a week with one rest day for the best results, implementing all four of our class types, DANCE, BANDS (or SWEAT if at home), CIRCUIT and TONE.

“For optimal results, combine the workouts with a well balanced diet of real, non-processed food with lots of veggies and plenty of water,” she added. While all nine of AKT’s studios are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the studio is offering AKTGO, available through the website (theakt.com) with new content added weekly to do at home.

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