How Mrs Hinch’s favourite Elbow Grease cleaning spray can be used on practically everything – from carpets to patios

WHEN it comes to Mrs Hinch's cleaning caddy, there is one product that she comes back to again and again.

The Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser is loved by the cleanfluencer and her army of followers.

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Costing around £1, the spray has a whole multitude of uses, and some of them are VERY surprising.

From simple wipe downs to rescuing a battered sofa there is little this nifty spray can't do.

Here Fabulous Digital looks at some of the sprays top uses…


This Irish woman revealed how she got her mum's tiles sparkling clean with the help of the spray.

She posted: "My mum's house has been a building site lately and has this awful lino that is so hard to clean – the dirt builds up in the tiny grooves.

"I've even tried bleach and so many cleaners but nothing worked."

But she said her saving grace came in the form of the £1 spray.

Next to the before and after of the grimy floor, the woman added: "Elbow Grease is amazing – look at the difference."


Ellicia Williamson previously shared the astonishing before and after photos of her mucky settee.

Before using the spray, Ellicia's grey couch was covered in water marks and grease stains but after using the product it looks good as new.

Captioning the snap the mum wrote: “Why spend £50 to get your couch cleaned when you can buy this for 89p!!! Can’t believe the result!!

“I just sprayed the full couch, took the covers off and put in wash for 15 mins 30° wash."


In one seriously dramatic transformation, a mum was able to rescue her staircase thanks to the spray.

The mother posted before-and-after snaps of her tired stairs before revealing the two affordable cleaning products she used to achieve the impressive results.

Delving into the four-step method, the mother wrote: "I sprayed with Elbow Grease and then left it for 10 minutes.

"Then I rubbed in Dr Beckmann carpet cleaner and left it for 20 minutes."

After scrubbing down the stairs the carpet was virtually unrecognisable.


This mum was despairing after her son left her son's coat was left caked in mud – but she got it back to brilliant white with the help of the spray.

Explaining her method she wrote: "I washed as much mud off it as I could in the bath, then scrubbed it down with bleach then left it to soak till my wash load was finished in Elbow Grease.

"I then popped it inside the machine and it came up brand new. I sprayed quite a lot of Elbow Grease on it, just wouldn't recommend drying on a radiator if you've used Elbow Grease as it can turn items yellow.

She joked: “Back to brand new! White coat for sale if anyone is interested”


Lucy Henfrey posted amazing before and after snaps of her oven, revealing that she'd "managed to get clean what a professional oven cleaner couldn't" thanks to the spray.

Speaking to Fabulous Online, Lucy revealed: "I have had my oven cleaned professionally before and she did a fabulous job of the hob and window.

"However, there is always this horrible stubborn bit everyone seems to struggle to get off… including a professional cleaner."

Revealing her super simple method, Lucy added: "I sprayed the Elbow Grease and left to soak for 30 minutes.

"Once I had done this, I used a scourer and an old spoon to scrape from side to side and remove the marks."

Taking about an hour in total, Lucy admitted that it "wasn't an easy task but the results are well worth it!"


Kyla Regan was horrified when her daughter imediately got her brand-new trainers dirty.

She said: "My daughter got new trainers for Christmas and found some muddy puddles a few days later."

But rather than chucking them in the washing machine and hoping for the best, the woman instead turned to Mrs Hinch's favourite spray Elbow Grease.

The mum explained: "They took approximately one minute a shoe, I did not machine wash them."

After spraying both the trainers in the multipurpose degreaser, the mum rinsed a toothbrush with warm water and scrubbed them down – focussing on the rubber sole and stained material.

And just like that – the trainers looked brand new again.


Mum-of-two Charlotte Jayne managed to rescue her yellowing tree with the product.

Charlotte told Fabulous Digital that she started by spraying every inch of her tree with Elbow Grease and let it sink in for 10 minutes.

After this, she then ran a bath with warm water and rinsed the tree off before getting any excess water off with a towel.

The mum then took the tree apart and allowed the separate pieces to dry in a warm room room for the next three days before she assembled it again to decorate.

Thrilled with the result, Charlotte's 10-year-old tree looks as good as new and now has pride of place in her living room again.


Mrs Hinch herself posted the incredible before and after snaps of her windows after using the spray.

She simply spritzed the offending area with the £1 product and wiped them down, leaving them looking brand new.


One mum breathed new life into her dirty patio with the cream cleaner from Elbow Grease.

Sharing the results on Instagram she wrote: "All I did was squirt some @elbowgreaseuk cream cleaner onto the slabs and then scrub and finally wash it away with water. I'm blow away by the results,its amazing!"

Hiya, hope your well. CHALLENGE 4 OF THE @elbowgreaseuk CHALLENGES. Look at the results 😍😍😍. I'm so impressed. All I did was squit some @elbowgreaseuk cream cleaner onto the slabs and then scrub and finally wash it away with water. I'm blowaway by the results,its amazing! 💜💜💜Enjoy the rest of your evening 💜💜💜 #elbowgrease #elbowgreasechallenge #elbowgreasehinch #elbowgreaseuk #loveit #loveelbowgrease #elbowgreasecreamcleaner

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