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TILED areas can be the most frustrating areas to allow to become dirty as it stands out so much to the eye.

Newly grouted areas can revamp bathrooms and kitchens and give you the peace of mind that it is not affecting your health.

How to clean grout

We've got plenty of cleaning hacks to ensure you're well prepared for when cleaning your bathroom

Grout is the filler used between tiles in your home.

Getting your bathroom tiled can be pretty expensive and it's important to make sure you don't damage the grouting while giving the place a spruce up.

But never fear, as it's incredibly easy to give it a thorough clean using simple ingredients, according to Good Housekeeping.


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To get your grouting back to its best, simply use the following steps.

1. Make a paste

First things first, you'll need to make a simple paste.

You can do this by mixing two parts of bicarbonate of soda, with one part of water.

Once you've done that use an old toothbrush to rub it onto the grouting.

Expert cleaner Lyndsey Crombie said you could also use an old electric toothbrush which will save you from having to scrub back and forth.

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2. Vinegar spray

Then, fill up a bottle with a spray fitting with distilled white vinegar.

Spray this over the mixture you've applied to the grouting.

It should start bubbling and form a thick mixture that's excellent for cleaning these areas.

3. Wipe the grime away

Now it's time to scrub the grime away, using your old toothbrush.

You could also use a purpose-made stiff-bristle grout brush.

Then simply rinse the area well with water and admire your handiwork!

You can also buy paste instead of making your own.

How to remove mould from grout

It's not uncommon for mould to build up in your bathroom, especially if there is too much moisture.

Grout is full of tiny homes, which easily get filled dirt, and grime, and over time mould can build up on grout.

But it's very straightforward to tackle using water and the trusty cleaning paste.

Put warm water on it

Start by filling a bucket with warm water and squeezing it out onto mouldy sections using a sponge.

Brush it

Then use a brush – preferably a tile, brush, or the old toothbrush – to scrub at it back and forth.

You could also use a microfibre cloth, but make sure you use rubber gloves to avoid getting any cleaning solution on your hands if you do.

Mix a paste

Should using just plain water not prove effective, try mixing three parts of soda with one of water to make a paste again.

Apply this to the grout with a brush and leave it for an hour or two.

After that, spray it with plain water and give it another scrub.

Alternately, you could make a paste using two parts of baking soda to one part of hydrogen peroxide, but be careful when using this mixture as it could irritate your skin.

Apply it with a brush to the affected areas and leave for several minutes before scrubbing it and then rinsing the grouting clean.

Rinse off and dry

After that, give the area a good rinse using clean running water, a wet sponge, or a spray bottle.

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Simply take a dry cloth to buff the area and pick up any excess moisture.

Make sure the area is well-ventilated and allow the grout to dry.

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