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A MAN has revealed that he appeared on one of CBeebies’ favourite TV shows and described it was as a total ‘flex’.

The man explained that he starred in Me Too! – the British TV series in 2006.

Posting on TikTok under the username @geordikalonji9, the man, who is from the UK, posted a clip sharing his debut in the popular children’s show. 

The clip shared was Granny Murray’s Song and starring alongside the main character, Granny Murray, the man, who was just a little boy at the time, was in a variety of different shots, playing and having fun with her and the other young children. 

We first saw him eating food at the table with two other children and Granny Murray, then spotted him sleeping in Granny Murray’s arms and seconds later, saw the Granny giving his face a wipe after his food.

Later we saw him dancing with the other children and then noticed him having a big cuddle with the popular on-screen Granny.

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He said: “I was on CBeebies as a kid.”

Loving his famous role, he also described himself as a “star boy” and later noted: “I was on TV Screens early.”

Showing off his life now, the man's social media shared a fun insight into his life.

He confirmed that he runs Crepe Genie, a Glasgow-based footwear and streetwear re-selling company.

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A footballer fan, music fan and trainer lover, in a variety of different videos, we saw the man chatting with his football mates, dancing on a yacht in Dubai and buying bags of trainers from Foot Locker.

The man’s clip has clearly left many very impressed, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 55.2k views.

It has 11.2k likes, 282 comments, 454 saves and 78 shares.

Many social media users were left stunned that this man was the little boy from the CBeebies show, which many took to the comments to express.

TikTok users said that he was living every child’s “dream” and they couldn’t believe that he was “that” kid. 

One person said: “You [were] living every kid's dream bro.”

Another added: “Omds you were thattt kid” to which the man replied “Yup I was that kid” with a laughing face emoji. 

A third commented: “Famous.”

Someone else shared: “This is a FLEXXX” to which the man agreed “No cap.”

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Whilst another user noted: “Omg you [were] my childhood.”

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