I built secret hiding spaces in my house, including one behind my fridge, but trolls say I made a mistake | The Sun

A SAVVY man has revealed he’s built several hiding spots in his house for the unlikely chance of a break in, but people say he’s just “exposed” himself instead. 

Drew Driksen took to his social media account to post a clip of the tour, explaining: “This is a tour of all the secret rooms I built in my house in case a robber ever tries to break in…”

He then opened up a picture frame that said “Not Drew’s room” on it in black ink.

Stepping inside, viewers could see a double bed, some shelves, a desk and a window as he went on: “So if he manages to get past this painting at the end of the hallway, that’s obviously no problem…

“Because I built a secret mirror.”

He then walked to the corner of his room to open up a floor-length mirror before explaining that there’s a small cubby to “hang out in”.

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Plus, you can see the entire room through the back of the mirror. 

Drew even tested this on his girlfriend, who could be seen applying her make-up being none the wiser over her other half being right in front of her. 

“I even planned out a robbery scenario where I told my cousin to come in and try to find me and I was easily able to get them before they got me,” he said. 

The scene then changed to him entering into his own fridge, where he built a tiny hole to walk through. 

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“Now just in case the robber that’s robbing my house gets super thirsty from robbing my house, I actually built a secret room behind my fridge,” he said. 

“It’s actually pretty cool because I can actually see everything that’s going on inside of the fridge.”

In the worst case scenario, TikTok user @drewdirksen said he built a getaway car inside a fake bush outside. 

He put a go-kart inside the bus so he can “drive it wherever I want”. 

Drew added: “The only thing I’m kind of realising now is that if you’re a robber and you’re watching this TikTok… Maybe just keep this between us.” 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “He basically just exposed all his secret hideouts in his house,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

But another argued: “he’s def keeping stuff from us incase one of us is a robber,” alongside a crying emoji.

A third said: “My dream when l was young,” while a fourth added: “I bet theres a secret room in the secret room in the secret room in the secret rooms that he’s not telling us incase we’re robbers”. 

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