I get stared at by old people in Walmart for ‘exposing myself’ but I can’t help clothes don’t fit over my huge boobs | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her experience walking around Walmart and being stared at by people who think she's exposing herself.

However, it's merely a matter of her not being able to find well-fitting clothes that cover her chest.

One woman named Madi, who goes by @madatatat on TikTok, said she often gets stared at when she wears a pair of overalls.

“One of my favorite things about overalls is the looks that I get from old people, because this doesn’t cover any of it,” she said while gesturing to her breasts and the top portion of her overalls.

Because of her large boobs, the overalls won’t properly cover her chest and buckle in place, so she just wears them folded down.

“If I do [try to button them], it just hikes the boobs up.


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“So, I always just wear them like this and they look cute. I don’t give a s***.”

Although she likes the look, she said others often call her out.

“When I go into a Walmart or something, they’re just like ‘You didn’t know how to put your overalls on right!’

“And I’m like, ‘I do, but these bad boys right here ain’t gonna let nothing buckle.’”

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As for another person with “big boob problems,” as Madi called it, a woman named Qunisha, who goes by @qu_nisha on TikTok, shared a video called “When all they see is yo boobs."

In the short clip, she reenacted a scenario where she's meeting someone for the first time.

As she knocks on the door, a guy answers and says: "Come on in, you must be t***ies, sorry, t***ies, sorry, STOP!"

In a second video, Quinsha went on to discuss other problems she experiences with having big breasts.

"Everyone wants big boobs until…" she began.

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"Can't find yo' bra size, ugly bra colors, and no matching panties."

She also went on to note that she can't sleep on her stomach and adds: "Ooh don't forget that back pain!"

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