I got an embarrassing lip tattoo aged 18…it's still there 8 years later and now the dentist thinks I'm trashy

LET'S face it, few people actually enjoy a trip to the dentist.

After all, it can be uncomfortable, painful and pricey.

But for one woman, who is from the US, a visit to her local dentist conjures up a rather different overriding emotion – embarrassment.

Kenzie took to TikTok and posted a short video where she writes: "Remember when we turned 18 and lip tattoos because 'they will fade away in a few months, year max?'"

Saturday will be eight years."

She then folds over her bottom lip to reveal an inking which reads: "Bite me."


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Kenzie captioned the post: "Dentist thinks I'm trash."

The post has since garnered over 617,000 views and been inundated with comments from amused social media users.

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"I’ve had mine for 12. It used to say 'sorry' but now it looks like 'spicy,'" wrote one.

A second recalled: "Mine says 'Princess' and my dentist took a photo of it as my patient ID."

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A third noted: "My dad has his since he was 18..he just turned 59 in December."

And a further commented: "My mum before she married my dad had a boyfriend and he tattooed her name on his lip… he had it there for almost 15 years."

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Meanwhile, one asked: "I really wanna know if you regret it because I want one so bad but idk."

In response, Kenzie wrote: "If I didn’t have a lot of other tattoos it might bother me. It’s a good place for a tattoo with how hidden it is."

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