I had no idea I was 36 weeks pregnant until I was rushed to hospital with kidney stones…I gave birth HOURS later

A WOMAN has recalled the moment she was rushed to hospital with kidney stones…but left with a baby.

Gabby Schromsky, who is from the US, took to TikTok and explained: “Going to the hospital thinking I have a kidney stone…turned out I was 36 weeks pregnant and gave birth to my lil angel that night.”

Gabby had experienced a cryptic pregnancy, which is when medical testing methods fail to detect a pregnancy and usual symptoms like vomiting, periods and showing a bump do not occur.

In a second video, Gabby, who still had her period, explained: “On December 17 I woke up at like 5am with really bad period cramps.

I went to the bathroom, popped some Ibuprofen and thought I’d be fine by the time I had to go to work at 8am."


So I got up at 7.30 and cramps were exactly the same."

Again. Not thinking anything of it I just go to work and throughout the hours, it’s progressively getting worse."

So noon comes around and I can’t even take the pain anymore. I can barely even stand up straight.”

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Gabby went on to say how her boss told her to go home and rest.

“I tried lying down on my bed to take a nap but I couldn’t lay down for more than two minutes because of the pain,” she continued.  

When taking a hot shower or laying on the floor didn’t help ease the agony, Gabby, who was crying at this point, went to see her mum who said she believed she must've had a kidney stone.

“We went to urgent care and they took a pee test and then said, 'did you know you’re pregnant?'"

After being wheeled to the emergency room, Gabby was taken for an ultrasound when a nurse dropped the bombshell that she was much further along than anticipated – and was actually in labour.

It wasn't long before Gabby's post was inundated with comments from shocked social media users.

What is a cryptic pregnancy?

A cryptic pregnancy is where conventional medical testing methods fail to detect when a person is expecting, according to Healthline.

Also known as a stealth pregnancy, cryptic pregnancies are considered rare and women who experience a pregnancy of this kind tend not to show typical symptoms of pregnancy, including vomiting, fatigue, nausea or abdominal swelling resembling a bump.

Women can appear to have regular periods too, as fluctuating hormones can lead to slight bleeding that resembles menstruation.

“Cutest kidney stone I’ve ever seen,” wrote one, while a second commented: "DUDE- I KNEW kidney stone pain felt WAY too similar to labor!!! Thank you for verifying for me.”

Elsewhere, others were freaked out about the idea of not knowing they could be pregnant.

“New fear unlocked,” joked one, while a second wrote: “GIRL I’M GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING RN DOBT SCARE ME.”

Gabby replied: “Hahaha girl this is your sign take a test.”

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