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A MUM-OF-ONE has revealed her hack for drying clothes inside that requires no electricity and works just as well as sticking laundry outside on the line. 

As the weather gets colder and wetter, we often have no choice but to dry our clothes in the house or splurge by putting the tumble dryer on. 

With energy prices still high amid the cost of living crisis, turning the heating on isn’t always an affordable option either.

But Toni Lynette, a mum from Maryland, has shared her affordable solution. 

She has a clothing line set up in her house – and you can get the gadgets for as cheap as £13. 

Retractable clothing lines are great for those who have a lot of clothes to wash and dry – such as mums, on-site workers and those of us who simply like to change outfits throughout the day. 

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You fixate the gadget to your chosen wall, pull the line out when you need to dry your laundry and then retract it when finished. 

“This has literally been the best Amazon purchase I’ve ever made,” Toni said in a TikTok video.

“When I need to dry something, I just pull it out. 

“It’s retractable so once I’m done, I just click that first button and release it.”

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The exact gadget she uses is the YAMEAER Retractable Clothesline, which will set you back around £25 on Amazon. 

“My husband drilled it into the wall,” she elaborated in the comments. 

“It comes with the screws and anchors, etc.

“It’s definitely worth it.” 

If £25 feels a bit steep, there are cheaper alternatives.

The OlBuWa Retractable Washing Line is just £12.98 and made of stainless steel rather than plastic. 

The distance from wall to wall is around 2.8m, and it can bear 5kg of weight. 

To get the most out of your indoor clothesline, place it in a well ventilated room and open the windows when clothes are drying on it. 

Doing so allows the excess moisture to escape the room as the laundry dries.

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