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A WOMAN has revealed how she makes an extra £700 in just three hours, and anyone can do it.

The TikTok user known as 'Mel the Affiliate' took to the social media platform to reveal to her 390,000 followers exactly what she does and how you can do the same thing.

According to Mel, it's "stupid easy" to rake in some extra cash with this method, and all you need is a computer.

She claimed to use a website called Text Broker, where people can make money by typing out content.

Depending on the amount of words people can earn different amounts of money.

Mel showed one job that offered $489.50 (£384.93) for people to write out 8,900 words.


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Although it might take the average person a while to type out that many words, but she shared a hack to speed up that process.

"Now here's what makes it super easy, you don't even need to type the words yourself," Mel raved.

She explained: "The average words spoken per minute in the US is 150 words per minute, which means it should only take your an hour for 9,000 words."

Instead of typing out the words she used voice typing to do all the hard work for her – all she had to do is talk and it typed out everything she said.

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"For a couple of hours work you have over $900 (£700)," she said.

Then for the final hour Mel said she uses a grammar checking website, like Grammarly, to make sure there are no mistakes.

After sharing her money making side hustle off on social media people were amazing by how easy it seemed.

One said: "I'm going to try this one out tonight."

But not everyone was convinced, one said: "Can't be that easy. What's the catch?"

"Seems too good to be true," another mused.

Meanwhile, others noted that it can sometimes take a long period of time to be approved before you can start earning money.

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