I paid $1,200 for a trendy 'fox eye' thread lift but was left with devil horns, it's my biggest regret | The Sun

A BEAUTY lover has shared her horrific outcome after trying the popularized "fox eye" thread lift.

She paid a hefty $1,200 for the regretful cosmetic procedure and was left with devil horns instead for months following.

Sydney resident Jessie Carr (@_jessiecarr) had cosmetic surgery done in 2021 to enhance her appearance but instead had unfortunate results.

She paid $1,200 for a fox eye thread lift in October 2021 which ultimately left her regretting her decision.

It involves making a minimal incision at the outer corner of the brow and lifting up with biodegradable threads under the skin to achieve a cat-eye look.

In a TikTok video, Jessie detailed part of her healing process, which left her looking more battered than beautiful.

"I was happy with my brows, but I just wanted them to be a little bit more lifted," she said at the start.

"I was so shocked by how swollen everything was. I looked like Megamind. It was crazy," she added.

Many people chimed in the comments that the beauty enthusiast looked the same as before.

"Does not look worth it at all," one commented.

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"Wait, I can’t tell. Can’t you just do that with makeup?" another added.

She also had facial bruising around her eyes that lasted for almost two weeks.

As weeks went by, Jessie noticed that the threads were still visible and were increasingly more prominent than ever.

She ended up developing demon-like horns and regretted getting the work done.

The young woman admitted in a lengthy video on the platform that "it definitely is not worth it."

By March 2022, she had to undergo another procedure to get the fox eye threads removed.

In another TikTok video, she revealed that it once again swelled up her forehead for days and left her with permanent scars on her temple.

There were mixed opinions in the comment section of the video with some offering advice.

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"Y'all females be doing too much," a troll commented.

"Girl I get this done and this doesn’t and did not happen. I think you need to find a new place," another wrote.

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