I told my sister her girl’s name would be a ‘burden on her life’ & only suitable for a stripper – it didn’t go down well | The Sun

A SOON-TO-BE aunt has fallen out with her sister after learning of the name choices she had selected for her baby girl.

She said her sibling had made the wrong decision and would be placing a "burden on the [child's] life."

Not only that, she also told her the unusual name selection was only suitable for a stripper.

No surprise that her comments did not go down well.

Upset by the situation, she decided to share the whole sorry saga on Reddit, hoping for some reassurance and clarity.

There was a huge response, with many giving her the reassurance she sought.

One commenter summed up the feelings of the hundreds of others who offered their opinions: "For real, that’s a huge burden to put on a baby."

She began her post by asking Redditors if she was an a**hole "for insulting my sister’s wacky baby names?"

First, she described her younger sister, Hailey.

"She is a very free spirit person, and she definitely has her own taste in music, clothes, art et cetera. Unfortunately, this extends to baby names."

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The moment had arrived and she revealed the monikers.

"She wants to name my niece either Redemption Cosmos or Venus Kali Cosmos — for real.

"My relatives were just going along with it, but honestly my sister is young and I felt like an a**hole for not saying anything."

Rather than make it a public affair, she messaged her sister privately and voiced her thoughts on the names. But she didn't hold back.

"I told her those names might be okay for a stripper (my sister works as a dancer in a local club), but they’d be hard to live with in a more mainstream job.

"I really wasn’t trying to be mean, I just care about my niece and want to help."

But that wasn't how her sister saw it and called her a "judgemental duck."

Hailey, meanwhile offered some context to her name choices.

"She [said] the names were personally meaningful because this baby is her redemption and pregnancy has helped her make peace with her body and accept her flaws."

There was little appreciation or understanding of Hailey's name selection, with or without her explanations, among the hundreds of Redditors who commented, and most sided with her beleaguered sister.

"I’m not sure if the names are worse or the fact that your sister is calling the baby her “redemption," was the reaction of this person.

A second person was able to offer some perspective.

"My mom named me Misty Starr. You have NO IDEA how many people have said things like ‘You have a stripper name.'"

A third person was very direct: "Don't saddle your kid with that sh*t for life."

There was bewilderment from this commenter: "A baby is not her redemption, it’s a whole human being. She is going to struggle to find jobs and fit in because of her frankly stupid name."

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But another unusually-named woman said she was happy with hers.

"Lots of kids have unusual and unique names that seem difficult to carry around. We grow into them. I'm so glad I wasn't named Stephanie like every third girl I knew growing up was."

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