I tried on my XXS Hooters uniform six months after having a baby – the results were not what I expected | The Sun

A HOOTERS girl tried on her uniform six months after having a baby – and though she wasn't thrilled, her viewers said she looked great.

At six months postpartum, Christina Marie (@belitatina) was ready to see how her extra small work clothes fit her new body and gamely modeled them for her TikTok followers.

"I'm going to be trying on my Hooters uniform after six months [since] having a baby," she said.

"This is what my stomach is looking like," she says, zooming in on a close-up of her postpartum belly.

She writes that her "belly ring hole" is "stretched out" and jiggles her tummy for the camera.

She also turns in profile, showing what her stomach looks like from the side and pointing to her "mom pooch."

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Christina then shows off the uniform she's hoping to fit into.

The top, a white Hooters T-shirt, is a size small, while the orange short shorts are either an XS or XXS.

After putting them on, she models the look and remarks: "I definitely need to go up a size or two."

"This is so tight," she says, gesturing to the fabric around her boobs, pointing out that she is spilling out over the top.

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The uniform certainly looks too small and appears uncomfortably tight around her midsection as well.

She doesn't seem to dislike how she looks in it too much, though, and models it from different angles for her viewers.

But she's clearly not totally thrilled, putting the hashtag #fail in the caption.

She also seems to have quite a hard time getting the top off, and films herself struggling to pull the too-tight tee over her head.

Commenters have left words of encouragement, telling her she looks beautiful and amazing.

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"Took 6 months just to look this decent," she told one. "Every month I get more hopeful."

Christina offered another update ten months postpartum, sharing photos of herself fitting perfectly into her uniform.

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