I was charged $10,000 to be a bridesmaid – I'm clearly in the wrong tax bracket | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the controversial reason she refused to be a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding.

Grace called into an Australian podcast to share how her pal’s upcoming nuptials led to the abrupt ending of their friendship.

Speaking to Smallzy’s Surgery listeners, she vented about being unable to afford to continue the friendship after being expected to willingly buy a $10,000 package to be involved in the wedding.

“I think I was in the wrong pay bracket to be friends with this person,” she says.

Grace shocked the podcast hosts as she explained the eye-watering sum would be mostly going towards the pre wedding events.

“So there was the $250 a head bridal shower with her mum and her aunties,” she continues.

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“There was the $500 bachelorette party, there was a pre-wedding holiday to prepare and spa weekend. And then the destination wedding itself in Bali.

“At that point, I graciously stepped away and said, ‘Look, you deserve somebody who can give you the wedding of your dreams. 

‘Me and my tax bracket? I’m not that girl. I’m so sorry, peace out, love you, have a great time.’”

Grace explained that they had been friends since they met in private school. 

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She says: “Now let me preface this by saying I was on scholarship. I was that kid in hand me downs.

"And I bought my own car. And this doll was rocking up in her daddy’s Mercedes.

“I really didn’t expect an invite, let alone a bridesmaid invitation. 

“So when it came, I was already a little bit like ‘Oh, OK, it has now come to my attention that potentially this girl doesn’t have that many friends.'

“To be fair, to her credit, she actually took it pretty well.

“I think I did it in a tactful enough way that she didn’t hate me.

"But no, we aren’t friends. We like each other’s posts on Instagram and that’s about it.”

Smallzy’s Surgery posted a teaser clip from the podcast on their Instagram page, with commenters agreeing that they would also refuse to spend $10,000 on a friend’s wedding.

Sharing a bridezilla encounter of their own, one commented: “My bridal drama was when my best friend announced her pregnancy at my wedding party. Never talked to her again.”

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