I was dress-coded at the gym for showing ‘too much skin’ – people say I should cancel my membership | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared that she was dress-coded at the gym for exposing too much of her skin in a form-fitting one-piece.

Social media users are not having it, some even suggesting that she part ways with the establishment.

"Sad face [because] I just got dress-coded at the gym for showing too much skin," fitness fan Miley wrote in a TikTok video.

Sporting a sad expression, she showed off the blue garment, a gym leotard that covered her thighs and showed off her toned legs.

She turned around to show the camera what the short-sleeved one-piece looked like from behind.

It showed a large amount of her back, with an intricate strap design adorning it.

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"I literally bought this [because] I knew I couldn’t show my stomach here. Crying," she wrote in the comments section of her video.

People in Miley's comments section were outraged and perplexed.

"Whatttttt. That’s a thing?!?" one person questioned.

"I would have ended my membership if they did it to me," another asserted.

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"That’s literally equivalent to biker shorts and a T-Shirt," someone said of Miley's getup.

"At my gym some women work out in literal bikinis," another stressed.


"WHYYY…? I’m convinced they’re jealous [because] that leotard is so cute."

"But that’s not a lot of skin showing????" a final confused person wrote.

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