I was in debt at 20 – a decade on, I’m a millionaire thanks to my easy side hustle – here’s my top tips to save cash | The Sun

A WOMAN who became a self-made millionaire at 30 has shared her top three tips to getting rich.

When Nicole Victoria left university, she had a student loan debt of £23.3k and wasn't saving much money or investing.

But then she decided to get serious and learn everything she could about personal finance – including the 'ICE' method, which eventually helped her pay off her debt.

It stands for illuminating, cutting costs, and education.

The first step involved illuminating the debt, before making efforts to cut costs and and then educating herself on debt repayment strategies.

Nicole then paid off her loan and invested in the housing market – and sold her first home for a tidy profit after the value had increased.


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She also invested in exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Now, in a clip shared to TikTok (@nobudgetbabe), the money coach has shared the three habits and tips everyone needs to learn to "get rich."


First up, Nicole urges people to stop sharing their goals with people who aren't dreaming bigger than you.

"I'm an oversharer by nature and it's easy to think that the people around you want what's best for you but the reality is a lot of them are just crabs in a bucket," she says.

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"Did you know if you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, even though they can climb out, they'll all die?

"It's because as soon as one starts to escape, all the other ones will pull it back down.

"This is the exact same thing that'll happen when you share your dreams with those kinds of people.

"They don't actually want you to succeed because your success reminds them of all the ways that they never took action on their goals."

She adds: "Never take advice from somebody you wouldn't trade places with.

Next up, Nicole explains that you need to start failing forward.

"Every successful person knows the path to their dream life wasn't easy," she says.

"But they'd rather put in the 3-5 years of hard work than be stuck with 40 years of struggle.

"Start rejecting rejection and seeing seeing failure as a stepping stone on your path to success," she explains.

The self-made millionaire goes on to share her third point, which is to do the things most people won't to live a life most people don't.

"Most people believe that maybe they can change their life situation a little bit but not a lot," she says.

"I wasn't like most people – I dared to be cringe.

"I unlearned the bulls**** we've been fed about what it takes to become successful and i created my own path.

"I learned high income skills, I invested, I started a business – even when everyone else thought I was crazy.

"Now I make six figures a year in passive income.

"I retired my husband, I live in my dream house, I go on beautiful holidays I don't have to pay for, and i live the life that no one else thought that was possible for me, but me."

The video has quickly garnered an impressive 327k views, with hundreds of comments from social media users.

"I'm lucky to find this am 25 now I can make it possible in next 5 years," wrote one.

A second penned: "Not me an oversharer. I’ve been working on that."

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A third enthused: "Great advice!"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I like the idea of seeing failure as a 'stepping stone' – it’s a good visualisation."

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