I was stunned to discover my favourite £2 laundry product helps get rid of mould for good – it’s a game changer | The Sun

IT'S one of the hardest things to get rid of.

But one woman has shared her genius hack to bid farewell to mould once and for all.

And despite the fact that there are hundreds of cleaning products that claim to be able to get rid of mould, the one Tamz swears by is actually a laundry detergent.

In a video on TikTok, Tamz demonstrated the genius trick, which involved her using a bottle of Ace for Whites.

She soaked several cotton wool pads in the liquid, before folding them and putting them in the most problematic mould areas in her bathroom.

They included behind the taps and in the corner of the bath tiles.

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Once she'd put the soaked pads in the areas, she left them for one to two hours before checking the progress.

And people were left stunned by the results, as she showed that the pads had easily removed the mould – with the black spots now seen on the back of the cotton pads.

The areas she'd put the pads in were left spotlessly clean.

The comments section was quickly filled with people thanking Tamz for sharing the ingenious hack.

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"Wow that’s brilliant!" one wrote.

"Ooh clever," another added.

"I’ll test that," a third commented.

"Oh i need to try that!" someone else said.

As another wrote: "Thank you!

"I'll test it because I also have a problem with it".

One of the main ingredients in Ace for Whites is hydrogen peroxide, which is likely to be the reason it works so well as a mould remover.

Cleaning whizz Tamz regularly shares tips and tricks on her TikTok page.

And she's also known for finding new uses for beloved products.

In a recent clip, she showed how she gave her bathroom floor a good scrub.

She used a bathroom wipe to do around the base of the toilet, before spraying some cleaner on the floor and getting stuck in with a scrubbing sponge.

She used a cloth to clean up the water and soap suds, before adding an extra level of dryness by using her Karcher window vac.

Once that was done, she boiled some water and added a capful of Zoflora, before giving the floor one more going over.

"Watching your videos actually made me get my life together," one person commented on that video.

"LOVE your vids!"

"Excellent," another added.

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"Someone who finally goes round with wipes first. Only way to go!!"

"So satisfying," a third wrote.

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