I was wondering why everyone was staring at me on my morning run – then I got home and saw my sweat stains | The Sun

A RUNNER has shared the one thing that all fitness fanatics fear.

Posting under the handle @slaydryn, the woman took to TikTok to reveal a mortifying situation that would put many off going for a run.

She forced a smile as she looked at the camera with Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl playing in the background.

“Wondering why everyone kept staring at me on my run this morning,” reads the text over the video.

The TikTok user, who boasts over 2000 followers, then shared a photo snapped just moments after she got home from her run.

She posed for a mirror selfie with sweat patches on her blue top that awkwardly outline her breast, armpits and torso.

Heads were turned in shock during her run.

“Here I am thinking it’s because I’m a speed demon,” she captioned the post.

Commenters were in hysterics with many admitting they have anxiety about getting visible sweat patches in embarrassing places.

“This is my biggest fear when a lot of people stare at me all the time,” one commented.

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"I’m always convinced it is because something is wrong with me."

Another wrote: “Aww it’s a happy face sweat mark!”

“LOL my ex would sweat that way when we worked out,” a third said. 

“LOL once I went on a run in leggings the color of my skin.

"I didn’t think about it until I got stared at and was wondering why,” a fourth added. 

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