I'm a blonde with big tatas who loves the color pink and wearing heels – people don't expect what I do for a living | The Sun

SURE, blondes can have fun and a serious career too.

One woman proved that with her job reveal, shocking viewers.

Leen @engineerleen, a self-proclaimed 'legally blonde of engineering," says that people are shocked when they find out what she does because of what she looks like.

She sat in her car in a sweatshirt and headband as she went over the stereotype that people view her as.

"A girl, blonde, big tatas, loves the color pink, long nails, expensive jewelry, heels, and handbags, drives a porsche," she said, describing herself and her fashion taste.

"What you can expect from me is the unexpected," she said, singing along to a song.

"I'm an international superspy… ENGINEER… also play flag football like a pro athlete," she said.

"This is my favorite trend yet!!" she added with hashtags #engineer and #PerfectAsWeAre.

People loved seeing her female representation in STEM fields.

"You are a BOSS," said one commenter.

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"Legally blonde vibes," agreed another.

"What, like it's hard?" joked a supporter.

"You are my inspiration, QUEEN," said a fourth.

Others were inspired by her video: "So is this my sign to drop law school and study engineering?" joked one commenter.

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