I’m a lady trucker and took my bra off on the road – I had to scramble when I ran into someone I knew | The Sun

A LADY trucker has exposed her nipples to a familiar face by accident.

Realizing her mistake, she scrambled to find another layer after removing her bra on the road.

Nikkie (@hotlipshooly) posted a video to recall her awkward run-in with a coworker.

"So, I took my bra off because, let's be honest, it's f*****g hot and disgusting out here, and I didn't want to wear my bra," she said.

But the red-headed trucker wasn't expecting her next stop to bring a surprise guest.

She sat in her vehicle in disbelief and an oversized gray T-shirt, exposing her braless state — and her nipples.

"One of the guys I work with, he's kind of a pervert, showed up," Nikkie admitted.

After seeing him, Nikkie knew it was time to put a shirt on.

She said: "Because there ain't nowhere to put my bra on without him looking directly at my nipples."

An annoyed Nikkie grabbed the first layer of clothing in sight: a sweatshirt.

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"Okay, it's not that hot, but d**n not sweater weather," she proclaimed.

"It's like my t*ts can't win. I got to cover them up somehow. Poor b******s."

Skeptical viewers questioned Nikkie's offense she took from seeing her coworker while she wasn't wearing a bra.

A firm man commented: "I see nothing wrong with admiring a beautiful woman as long as it stays respectful."

"Why do you care?" a judgmental individual asked.

"Just let them be free. You are a beautiful redhead! Natural beauty is the best," an encouraging fan wrote.

One blunt viewer said: "Or just show them off and not care? I mean, isn't that the point?"

"If somebody is just looking, then you shouldn't be mad, but if they're making nasty remarks, then I understand," one follower added.

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