I'm fat and hot – I look loads better after piling on the pounds | The Sun

A FAT activist has told how she realised she was hot AFTER putting on weight.

Branding expert Megan Ixim, known as ‘The Fat Babe’, embraces her plus-sized body and has earned a huge social media following for her sassy content with a serious message.

An advocate for loving yourself, the entrepreneur wants others to realise that sexiness is a choice and that people should wear as little or as much as they want unapologetically.

Megan, who refers to herself as ‘the prettiest whale in the ocean’, says: “Fat is a neutral term and a description, it would be the same as calling someone tall, or short.

“Fat for me is just a way to describe myself and my physical existence because I am fat. I am a beautiful, fashionable, FAT woman.

“I do believe people are now embracing the word fat much more than they have previously, and I think there was an adjustment period as it was a phrase used to bully and ostracise people in larger bodies.

“My hope is that as a society we come to terms that people are not a monolith, we all are meant to look and exist differently from one person to the other.

“Allowing my body to exist at its natural state was finally allowing myself to exist in a happy place within my body.

“By finally accepting my fat body for what it is I allowed myself to realise that I was in fact HOT, not because of my body and not despite it.

“I simply was hot because I chose to be, and to embrace it. Sexiness isn't a body type, it's a choice.”

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Megan, who you can check out here on Instagram, loves wearing bikinis and crop tops and wants people to know it’s okay to be curvy and dress in less.

She adds: “I think representation matters in all things, and a way that we learn and change our behaviours is to see others participating in things that we thought ‘weren't allowed.’

“I have been a plus size bikini-clad woman on the internet and I think at this point I have received thousands of comments praising me for wearing whatever I want unapologetically.

“There's so much power and joy in finally realizing that no matter what you do or what you wear you will be judged so stop caring about upsetting others by the things you chose to cover your body with.

“If the worst thing someone can say about you is that you are wearing a bikini on the internet, I think you are doing an amazing job.”

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