I'm job-shamed for working at McDonald's – people call me a 'drop out' and a 'dosser’ but I won’t let them embarrass me | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at people job-shaming her for working at McDonald's, insisting she refuses to let them embarrass her.

Saffron is 19, and happily works at the fast food outlet, as well as regularly sharing snaps of herself in her uniform on her social media pages.

But doing so also opens her up to trolls, many of whom slam her for her choice of employment.

In a slideshow on TikTok, Saffron revealed the "things that have been said to me because I work for McDonald's".

"You're a drop out, get a real job," was the first insult, followed by, "flight attendant to McDonald's, what's wrong with you?"

"I wouldn't dare stink of grease for no money," other people insist.

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While some even call her an "absolute dosser", adding: "Got nothing going for you except flipping burgers".

Responding to the comments, Saffron wrote: "As much as you judge me and slate me, I'm earning money for me and my family.

"Money for a good life. Every job has its perks and its downfalls.

"But why are you judging?

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"At 19 years of age, I've got a healthy bank account, a house and everything inside, a loving partner, a stable job, a promotion coming up and a happy life.

"NEVER let anyone make you feel ashamed of your job or your life.

"You're living for yourself, no one else."

"Mcdonalds doesn’t have the worst pay either," one person commented on Saffron's video.

To which she replied: "Literally! I’m on £4 above minimum wage for my age!!!"

"A job is a job!! I'm proud of you and I'm rooting for you," another said.

"Love it how people say they can’t work there but then they eat there on a regular basis," a third added.

"As long as you are working you doing well," someone else commented.

"A job a job at the end of the day. You're earning money."

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