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A CLEANING whizz has revealed her simple hack that gets her skirting boards sparkling.

So if your home needs a freshen up, but you don’t want to splash the cash on expensive cleaning products, fear not, you’ve come to the right place. 

Luckily for you, this hack uses two 65p buys that you can nab from Tesco – so make sure to listen up if you want your home to sparkle, without too much effort or cost involved. 

Lynsey Crombie, who is also known as The Queen of Clean, is a best-selling author and columnist who has shared her simple hack to make skirting boards shine.

Posting on social media, Lynsey explained: “Skirting boards do NOT have to be a pain to clean.

“Weekly, I dry dust them using my baseboard buddy [retractable brush] and then monthly I grab a spin mop, warm water, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda.

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“Bicarb helps keep your boards bright white.

“This is the only time you will see me use a mop and bucket in my home.”

Lynsey then used the mop and her DIY solution to wipe over her skirting boards, as she added: “Ring your mop head out as much as you can, because you don’t want drips all over the floor.

“And then simply mop away, don’t forget to move any furniture and any obstacles too.

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“Your skirtings are going to be fabulous for the rest of the month.”

Lynsey’s TikTok clip, which she shared under the username @lynsey_queenofclean, has clearly left many open-mouthed , as it has quickly amassed 314,200 views. 

However, social media users weren’t totally sold on her method and were eager to share their thoughts in the comments. 

One person said: “That can't be good for the wallpaper, it will get damp and start peeling.”

Another added: “Mop the skirting – that’s how you make your house damp!”

A third commented: “Does it damage the paint on your walls?”

Whilst someone else penned: “I’d worry about the paint.” 

If you want to give this hack a try, to ensure that you don’t ruin your paint or wallpaper, make sure that you wring out your mop thoroughly, to get rid of any excess water.

The bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid will tackle the tough stains, but aim to just clean the skirting boards and not the entire walls and ensure that you wipe away any excess solution afterwards. 

The chances are, you will probably have some washing-up liquid in your kitchen cupboard already, but if you don’t, or you’re running low, you can nab a bottle for just 65p from Tesco. 

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And if you’ve finished off your bicarbonate of soda, you can also pick this up for only 65p from Tesco too.

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